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  1. The Colorado lesson
  2. Presbyterian Church Threatened Over Mideast Policy
  3. Keeping an eye on the "Moral Majority"
  4. i fucking hate religions!!
  5. Political Stuff Today (Nov 16 Tue)
  6. Q/A session re: film, "Farmingville" about illegal immigration.
  7. What do you stand for?
  8. Care Worker Margaret Hassan believed dead
  9. Buired In The Sand
  10. President Bush Pardons Thanksgiving Turkeys
  11. The Depressed Democrat's Guide to Recovery
  12. Some Things Never Change...
  13. Oh they will never do anything about porn *gulp*
  14. Political Book Reviews
  15. "My First Act as President..."
  16. Would you rather your police force use tasers or hand guns?
  17. freemasons....secret society
  18. Place Your Bets
  19. Who says the adult industry?
  20. I went to a hockey match and a basketball game broke out!
  21. I wonder how often this happens
  22. Just wondering...
  23. Should there be a change in the jury system?
  24. Stem Cell Optimists See Biotech Gold Rush
  25. Looks like everybody will now starting having the same fun at airport security ...
  26. Intel Bill Opponents: We Won't Change Our Minds
  27. New "must have" video game for hardcore Repubs
  28. Politics and Economics of operating a Vegas Strip Club
  29. Tight Budget Has Room for Special Projects
  30. Hey, i guess i have an apology to offer...
  31. US Forces now attacking across Iraq border ...
  32. Bush Seeks Funds for Abstinence Education
  33. Ailing Chief Justice raises issue of Judicial Appointments ...
  34. WTF is up with the Ukraine?
  35. Wary Court Considers Medical Marijuana
  36. Supreme Court says Mass. Gay-Marriage Law Stand
  37. Poll Shows Support for Abortion Rights
  38. ASEAN Members Sign Free Trade Pact
  39. Too dang funny!
  40. Sustainable Society
  41. Woman faces deportation because of sex change
  42. Teens of Same-Sex Parents Fare Well
  43. Netherlands Hospital Euthanizes Babies
  44. Thousands protest in Canada
  45. Tom Brokaw Says,"Farewell".
  46. FOX News is propaganda
  47. Fantastic Letter From 11/29 issue of Newsweek
  48. Do we need a Constitutional amendment banning senior citizens from getting married?
  49. Protest George Bush 12-12-04 nationwide all State Capitals and D.C.
  50. Abstinence Programs Distort Truth