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  1. Forensic Psychologist Study on those who Hate Gays
  2. An OverView of Scientific Studies on Hating Gays
  3. Rush speaks his true feelings about liberals & Saddam & drug addicts
  4. Dem Senator 'Sheets' Byrd strikes again !
  5. From Yahoo News-"UNC Faculty Decry Western Cultures Program"
  6. Talk about targeted Political Extremes !
  7. O-U-C-H! Maximum Pain weapon
  8. This is terribly uncool. Kid arrested as a terrorist for writing a zombie story...
  9. more government run amuck
  10. Sharecropper society?
  11. Article re: gerrymandering voting districts in California.
  12. Help Protect Rights and Support Conservation
  13. House panel votes to let prostitutes sue pimps
  14. Prisoners at Abu Ghraib included children
  15. Muslims issue fatwa against Osama
  16. should zoos be banned?
  17. Some Religions groups Irate over GWB budget
  18. Iran with the bomb
  19. A differing view of GWB
  20. Gas headed to $3 per gallon - why don't we demand more efficient vehicles?
  21. Halliburton Audit Report
  22. help with taxes and stuff
  23. Lebanese People respond to Syrian organized demonstrations
  24. Mount Kilimanjaro stripped of its snowcap for the first time in 11,000 years
  25. Dutch Study on Health Insurance for Positive People
  26. Longtime Civil Rights Leader Resigns
  27. Arctic Wildlife Refuge Vote Today
  28. Changes in labels and party positions - reflections
  29. For economic growth, tougher environmental laws?
  30. Illinois town totally stripped of industries finds a new one !
  31. Affirmative Action by police departments
  32. a surprise addition to Forbes Mag $100 mil plus list
  33. Godwin's Law with a new twist
  34. Jessica is home.
  35. Blatant Politics in California Environmental Law
  36. IMAX not showing films that reference evolution
  37. How to send US citizens on the march to nationalism
  38. Locals & Companies to help rescue for THE REFUGE
  39. U.S. citizen faces death penalty for role in transportintg illegal aliens who died.
  40. New Approach to Class Action Suits ? Or a lawyer's 'full employment act' ?
  41. Bush attacking Sea Turtle Protection Internationally!
  42. SUVs not the safest cars on the road~
  43. They at it again in Utah!
  44. Shiavo circus in Florida
  45. State trooper tells 911 caller "too bad" and HANGS UP
  46. Should Senate even draft a budget?
  47. Constitutional Ignorance - examples
  48. Interesting repercussion of Ohio gay marriage ban
  49. Tip Drill
  50. Changing the Middle East one step at a time ...