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  1. Lap-in-the-Box
  2. How not to have your money taken for granted...
  3. Hypocritcal Statement..I would have failed as a father if i found out that my daughte
  4. A Jewish Stripper! Who would have heard of such a thing! Maybe she out to find a
  5. Thigh Grinding
  6. Just how truthful are dancers?
  7. How NOT to impress the dancer
  8. pegged as a "gentleman"
  9. Are Your Wives Home When You Come Home From The Club?
  10. Ever have the most subtle experience trigger the urge?
  11. Can you tell...?
  12. Best SS you've heard lately
  13. The Rules
  14. Under Age Strippers? Does it happen more then we think?
  15. If you were a guy....
  16. WTF! do i look like David f#cking Blaine?
  17. Strip club saves me yet ANOTHER $30 (thank you!)
  18. Can it NOT be about Sex? (Please?)
  19. Private Strippers in Montreal
  20. Guys, how do you handle your cash/tiproll?
  21. How do you tell her to settle down?
  22. Vegas hotel room stripper tips?
  23. How frequently should you tip the Bartender?
  24. Stripper/Grill/Motorcyle... thing at Daydreams (Philly)
  25. Dancers for work outside of the club
  26. Polite Musings on the Grail Search
  27. The difference between a $500 session in VIP and an OTC encounter for the same $.
  28. Dancer OTC
  29. I am so damn clueless.
  30. Very interesting!
  31. Gfe
  32. Doing Favors for Dancers
  33. Pet Peeves at the SC
  34. Guys, what do you like to talk about with them?
  35. "Sweetie, I don't do half songs."
  36. Fun New Game: objectify the stripper
  37. What the fuck is wrong with strippers these days?
  38. Drama ugh
  39. Why do men like skanks?
  40. hey DC, be glad you're not a Brit.
  41. What constitutes HOT?
  42. Any Penthouse Pets you've seen strip?
  43. A Stripper's definition of "work"
  44. sex addiction or just plain horny?
  45. A little quiz...
  46. scj wisdom needed
  47. Does your gf or wife mind?
  48. mileage booster = loveglove, pocket-rocket
  49. Tipping for time
  50. Roadie advice please