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  1. How often are we looking for extras
  2. For those of you with wives/girlfriends...
  3. 2008 Invitational SW Pinkie Hotness Draft
  4. Shameless Picture Whoring In Honor Of the Hotness Draft!
  5. tipping floor host
  6. So I'm at a strip club yesterday....
  7. A question for duets: Is the oral sex in some of such acts real or faked?
  8. Draft - Epilogue
  9. Bathroom Attendant
  10. In a duet oral sex act who works the hardest,the one that licks or the one that cums?
  11. Hey dancers, which hot female star you would like to lap dance for?
  12. This forums are the Stripperweb's gutter aren't they?
  13. Anna Nicolle Smith now more than a year of her passing and not a single thread of her
  14. Beware she who "happily" lets you lick them
  15. 10 Reasons Why I love strippers
  16. Screw her discomfort
  17. Who has (or plans to) spent some or all of their "economic stimulus package" at a SC?
  18. Vegas Bachellor Party
  19. Press On or Bail Out: Decision Factors.
  20. ATF or Different girls?
  21. Should I support these gentle ladies or not?
  22. Anyone ever taken a payday loan cause you needed to go to the SC?
  23. Best Strip Club Event or Show.
  24. Which is it?
  25. Another Tipping question
  26. Captain Obvious Reporting from Florida
  27. Violent attitudes while giving an LD
  28. CS and SS
  29. Karma comes to NYC
  30. Kiya
  31. Apparently we're all PL's...
  32. Not to brag, but...
  33. any advice for a young guy?
  34. What? another tipping thread? sheesh
  35. Should the number of dances be decided up front, or just sort of go with it?
  36. How do you define a crappy private dance?
  37. fallen in love with my atf
  38. When a stripper makes you cum
  39. Truth
  40. I'm moving to Kazakhstan
  41. How often have you been to a club since finding out about Stripperweb?
  42. should i lay it out for a clueless guy
  43. Do you feel a bond with a dancer who sells you low priced dances?
  44. Getting dancers' phone numbers
  45. THIS is serious haggling over dance prices
  46. Another kind-of-lame Question
  47. Has anyone ever paid a dancer to play pool in the club?
  48. Latest Strip Club Encounters (ATL)
  49. Customers who get dates with dancers without spending money - how do you do it?
  50. Latingod be prepared..lol