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  1. If a dancer lies about her real name, do you trust her after that?
  2. Getting a dancer to stick her tongue in your ear
  3. Seen any effect of economy on your experience in SCs?
  4. Here is a website about how to date a stripper
  5. Do you set a limit?
  6. How would you feel about this?
  7. Sounds crazy but contact clubs have kind of killed the fantasy for me. Anyone else?
  8. Getting Kicked Out
  9. Seeing a stripper in civilian life
  10. Are there any SC managers/owners here?
  11. Has this happened to you?
  12. Has this ever happened to you?
  13. Serious question... no need to flame...
  14. hope for females!
  15. Dancer in Vegas Help!!!!!
  16. What is the most you've had spent at a SC and what did you got??
  17. security camera in VIP
  18. My first VIP
  19. the lodge dallas tx
  20. Can you feel the love...
  21. Fun PL Stuff to Do in the Club
  22. Fell off the wagon...
  23. POLL: What Minimum Level of Contact Required For Repeat Club Visit?
  24. One year ago, tomorrow....the greatest thread in the history of SW
  25. Screw casinos
  26. The Kitchen Sink
  27. Chesapeake virginia - back on pasties
  28. WTF is up with stripper drama!?
  29. Boobs
  30. byob newbie
  31. Proportion of strippers who are hot?
  32. Yet another (bad) trip report .. :(
  33. Worst Hustle Ever
  34. Patron saint of strippers
  35. Recs for bachelor party in Providence RI?
  36. Strip Club Junkie
  37. What do you do after you ejaculate in you pants?
  38. biggest natural breasts in Vegas?
  39. Txts frm strprs
  40. Well, THAT was a first...
  41. freaks you meet at a strip club
  42. What stripper wear do you like?
  43. Feature Dancers
  44. The different types of hustles and how they work on me
  45. Fingering
  46. This time it is about me
  47. The Club Douchebag
  48. Disconnect
  49. Money Spent In SC's
  50. How do you decide which girl to take to VIP?