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  1. have you found tourist locations easier to get girls OTC? like vegas? etc
  2. Arrogance?
  3. Mentioning this site to a dancer
  4. When they know too much about you.
  5. So I met this great dancer last night
  6. Which type of dancer do you like more?
  7. What do you think of this customer behaviour?
  8. Looking too far down the rabbit hole
  9. So the end is near ...
  10. SC pet peeves
  11. Stage sitting...
  12. Welcome to Blue...
  13. It's been fun, Fave, but it's time to move on....."
  14. Camming GOLD SHOWs how much how long and what works for you? share your experiences
  15. Looking for a Bouncer/ Security / Door Man Job
  16. I like it when....
  17. Vegas vacation request
  18. Getting back up on the horse
  19. Moving on seems exhausting
  20. Girls telling regulars about their recent sexual experiences?
  21. I wonder if this is anything like how it is for them
  22. She is sober now
  23. Going to a Another Club With A Customer
  24. Have your SC experiences affected your ability to relate to "civilian" women?
  25. How To Be a Perfect Customer
  26. Your first VIP
  27. I know that girl.....
  28. When you go to a strip club, how much do you you usually tip the strippers?
  29. dumb question
  30. When you go to a strip club what do you more like to see onstage?
  31. Do you ever turn down dances at clubs?
  32. Dancer's fines
  33. Same Old Song and Dance
  34. Gown clubs
  35. what kind of club do you enjoy ?
  36. The stuff we hear
  37. Williston, North Dakota
  38. Penthouse Club opening soon in Pittsburgh
  39. Disposing of the Evidence
  40. Messed up club favorite
  41. Pool Tables in Strip Clubs
  42. Dancers with criminal records
  43. Horrible OTC Adventure
  44. Dealing with strippers you no longer like
  45. Annoying or Not: Other guys watching you get a lapdance
  46. Answers to Dancer Threads
  47. Surveillance in back rooms (bouncers, cameras, etc.)
  48. Extras - sex in the strip club
  49. First time experience
  50. Now that things have sort of run their course