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  1. So I got invited to a bar by a stripper
  2. I used to go to strips clubs regularly in the 1990s when I was 20 years younger.
  3. What makes you want to spend $$$ on a stripper?
  4. Thin Ice or Did I get lucky???
  5. I need to lay low for a while
  6. How to date a dancer a.k.a Why I prefer to date dancers over non-dancers.
  7. NYC Bachelor Party
  8. Favorite stripper outfits?
  9. Difference between clubs and camming for CUSTOMERS
  10. Strip Club Hound posts his tips for Managers
  11. First Trip
  12. A thank you to my fellow customers
  13. where have the people gone who used to be on Redbook? Is there a replacement board?
  14. Do it for Science!
  15. A little too much fun with drinks
  16. Couple Thousand Extra Help/Options
  17. Any PUA or seduction Artists?
  18. How much should I tip if I wanna be a club favorite?
  19. When you really like a dancer and you want more than just sex
  20. Tübingen, Germany
  21. Boyfriend Bouncers
  22. need to find out where I can learn about cam shows
  23. Sniffing pants after good lapdance session
  24. Squirter
  25. BS Expenses
  26. Drink Minimums
  27. What do you say to guarantee you are not LE (police)?
  28. Best club to experience humiliation in the Toronto area
  29. Live video of dancers from On The Roxx Showlounge in Vernon, BC !
  30. Hello. I am new.
  31. can yall