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  1. How many have caught a stripper's cold during a dance?
  2. talking to strippers
  3. Injuries and LD's
  4. Suprise Encounter While Shopping
  5. I'll be damned!
  6. stripper secrets finally revealed.
  7. Prepaid Dances and Deterred Spending
  8. guys,would you be a regular with a girl that doesn't put out?
  9. Strip club reality, versus male made fantasy
  10. Please don't bite so hard....
  11. Thank You
  12. Does the music matter?
  13. Celebrities at the SC
  14. When Worlds Collide
  15. WTF is wrong with me?
  16. Argh! Inaccurate Club Information Sucks!
  17. Remember That First Time?
  18. Whoa!!!
  19. What got you hooked to SC's?
  20. How did you meet your ATF?
  21. Should I tell her that she isn't like she use to be?
  22. Welcome to our world
  23. Female customers giving lapdances
  24. Valentine's Day
  25. When did dancers stop wanting to make money?
  26. Abbreviations
  27. What to do?
  28. meth does the body good
  29. Anybody HATE tasteless nudity?
  30. Rules of Clubbing
  31. Would you want a dance from a girl who's S.O. works at the club?
  32. you know it's a good sc when...
  33. Rude to reg's what do you think should happen?
  34. Beyond StripClubList
  35. Combinatorial Optimization for Strip Club Clients.
  36. Worst Dance You Ever Got
  37. Stupidest Song I've Heard in a SC
  38. Why don't they get it?
  39. Ever thought of buying a club?
  40. What's up with all the fake real names?
  41. Decent clubs in Los Angeles?
  42. Who goes Comando to the club?
  43. Are women inherently more attractive than men?
  44. "How To Get The Most From A Stripper"
  45. has a stripper ever kissed you during a lap dance?
  46. Jello shots + lap dance =
  47. Idea for bathroom troll
  48. A consistent dancer is so hard to find
  49. How do you tell a Fav that you don't want to hear about her relationship with her S.O
  50. Should I go? Jenna Jameson & Co