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  1. who would you pick?
  2. Ok blueballers im asking your opinion as well..
  3. Fast & Entergentic or Slow & sensual?
  4. Okay boys..new hair!
  5. Love handles?
  6. 5'5 137Ibs
  7. 5'5 137ibs Added Pic Now Tell Me What You Think
  8. dress me
  9. Dollar dances
  10. What kind of shoes do you like on a girl?
  11. Thank you Strippers and SW for your therapy
  12. Tattoo design what do you think??
  13. I've been reading the pink side again. :(
  14. Aaahhhh!!!!! All I Want Is A Dance!!!!
  15. ok.... how to be a good "paid for girlfriend"
  16. Life after rejection
  17. "What else do you do?"
  18. Hustle Hut = Customer Complaints?
  19. Funniest things that have happened in a strip club?
  20. Do's and Dont's with Dancers
  21. On body types?
  22. Most preferred Halloween costume?
  23. would you refer your friends to a dancer you really liked?
  24. should i leave when dances are over?
  25. Champagne room tactics
  26. do students turn you off?
  27. Pale Blond??? Need Advice
  28. Topless vs nude clubs
  29. Grinding Expecations by Customers?
  30. Does it really matter what type of outfit she's wearing?
  31. then now
  32. At A No Minimum Club....
  33. Honest opinions...
  34. nice girls or naughty
  35. short shorts, boobie teees, and tube socks
  36. Which do you perfer?
  37. end of dance etiquette
  38. Do you like it when a dancer takes her shoes off while doing your private dance?
  39. how much do you spend on average in the SC
  40. scents
  41. Question about Door girls
  42. More tats..need input
  43. Porn Stars in Strip Clubs
  44. Stuck-Up... Or Just Shy?
  45. what type of music do you prefer?
  46. The approach that y'all want
  47. Nude Clubs in Vegas
  48. Which Celebrities should be Strippers?
  49. New Outfit: I need strong manly man advice
  50. Skirt Bandit