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  1. groomed vs. unkempt
  2. deal makers and breakers?
  3. vip
  4. What's so great about "Stick Shifting"
  5. Review Term
  6. Tatted or not?
  7. Whose into it?
  8. Pubic preferences...
  9. A question about blowing...
  10. I need your input guys
  11. Am I boring!!!
  12. Do my VIP's cost to much?
  13. Porn and Stripping
  14. I need your help boyz!!!!
  15. Giving a Tip for a Dance?
  16. curious about etiquette
  17. Whats your preference?
  18. touching dancers the right way, and the wrong way
  19. WTF Do you mean?
  20. Do any dancers like getting guys off in vip
  21. In Love with a Stripper
  22. How do you diplomatically dump an ATF?
  23. Dick-shriveling buzz-killing comebacks....
  24. Meeting a SW girl at her club
  25. Looking young and being young?
  26. Two girls..
  27. Have you ever had a stinky dancer?
  28. You shouldn't be here!
  29. Dancers interrupting you and another dancer
  30. Into buying strippers thongs/bras/shoes etc?
  31. The one you have to have
  32. Am I hot enuff 2 dance?
  33. What about a "bride" outfit?
  34. Fake boobs and blonde?
  35. Which day of the week do you prefer?
  36. Introduction and a quick boobie question.
  37. Why ask my Age?
  38. Have Extras Increased Over the Years?
  39. do u want me
  40. Pants and Chaps
  41. do you want me II
  42. Do you want a blowjob?
  43. Have you ever came during a lapdance?
  44. Guys how to survive the Strip Club Game
  45. My pic - What do you think?
  46. Your thoughts on new/nervous girls
  47. Upscale or smaller club?
  48. Do I need a boob lift?
  49. Just thongs or a whole outfit??
  50. New Wiki for porn announced. Dancers can publish their wiki pages if they want...