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  1. contact during dances
  2. What is it that you're looking for in a lap/private dance?
  3. How do you treat SC waitresses/shot girls?
  4. Any of you have a Fetish?!
  5. Has anybody here ever heard of this dancer: Marjorie Nuņes?
  6. Razor burn vs. stubble
  7. Sexy Halloween Costumes
  8. Pole Work Vs. Floor Work
  9. dancers sitting in your lap
  10. The had a baby body ......
  11. How do YOU show you want HER?
  12. Do you expect drop dead gorgeous girls to give HM dances?
  13. long hair vs short hair
  14. Dancer Blogs About Customers?
  15. In NY or NJ? Friend Me!
  16. "So... why are you dancing"
  17. Newbie for information
  18. Guys reactions on amateur night??
  19. Escorting with my regular
  20. Intoxicated Dancers
  21. Should I retire ?
  22. What do you think about "Other Work"?
  23. Important Question for the Gentleman
  24. What exactly is a bad boy?
  25. The Good Old Days vs...the Good Old Days.
  26. Do you like your dancers single?
  27. Advice on amateur night
  28. Dumb vs smart
  29. Am I too skinny?
  30. Popping the dance question....
  31. Where are all the VEGAS Locals At?
  32. that thing where she grinds your cock with her... knee???
  33. Scar
  34. Classic rock that can keep up with Saturday night music
  35. Double standard to the max.
  36. Dirty Talk
  37. I smell B.S.
  38. I'm venturing into watery territory here..
  39. Would like to hear some guys' opinions...
  40. Does it honestly matter..
  41. Don't forget.
  42. Purpleification of Blue
  43. Does music affect your tipping/LD choices?
  44. ATF lines for LDs
  45. What is offered in VIP rooms that is not offered in the main stage?
  46. Why do you ask if we are "all about the money"?
  47. Understanding fetishists? Selling personal items?
  48. Be Honest- Would You Get a Dance From Me?
  49. Whaddya guys & girls think?
  50. Do pole tricks matter?