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  1. Kitty Exposure
  2. Lap Dancing ... Need male/custy opinion
  3. What is your honest opinion about strippers?
  4. do you like costumes?
  5. would you buy a dance from me?
  6. friendly warning?
  7. Omg, would you like buy a dance from ME?!!!
  8. A youthful image...your take.
  9. Costume Material Opinions
  10. Would you feel weird if a stripper contacted you?
  11. "Sorry but i have to leave soon"
  12. Toning down my look
  13. Extras Prices
  14. Question for the dancers?
  15. using protection
  16. Hunting Seasons
  17. discussion on stage names.
  18. Clean Dancers: Do you even give them a chance
  19. Fugly girls: I'm just curious
  20. Any male strippers on this side
  21. Indiscreet OTC Girls
  22. Best lap dance song
  23. What's the endgame?
  24. Which do u perfer?
  25. do u like gowns?
  26. To the blue that was going to come see me in WI
  27. Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses: true or false
  28. Stripperfumes
  29. Do you check a dancer's ring finger?
  30. My roots are showing.
  31. Post your stops/bookings here
  32. Does a dancer's dress attire matter when deciding to get a dance or not?
  33. Corsets?
  34. Do you think I look good enough to dance?
  35. howdy
  36. Do you pay that much attention to a dancer's fingernails?
  37. Thank you
  38. How does your ATF make you feel special?
  39. Will you only bother with girls who will meet up OTC??
  40. vegas
  41. Black Girls
  42. Private show dances
  43. What do you guys think?
  44. Question for the boys
  45. Tan lines - Hot or Not?
  46. More cushion for the pushing?
  47. Tips going from Dancer to Waitress
  48. Guys, help me stop losing money
  49. Stage move that led to more $$
  50. How do you prefer a dancer's makeup?