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  1. Help me avoid bad reviews!!!!!
  2. For those who seek "dicey" activities
  3. Welcome to Blue...
  4. I bought Jugs for a Stripper-Song
  5. Clitty Litter aka Snail Trail
  6. Rant: Help my dancer is "broken", is there a fix-it man in the house
  7. Outfit choices?
  8. Customers who starts dirty talking during a dance, do you expect the dancer to reply?
  9. foot fetishists buying used stripper shoes on Ebay
  10. OTC Date Question
  11. "square" credit card swipe on iPhone
  12. Short hair on strippers
  13. Mishaps involving wigs, extensions, ponytails..would love to hear funny tales
  14. $5 lappers or $25 lappers that is the question ?
  15. Seeking a tall dancer in Pittsburgh
  16. I hate it when a girl isn't "into it"
  17. Point of no return?
  18. Would you like this in the Champagne Room?
  19. Do you like the "barely legal" girl next door look?
  20. Curly Sue or Straight?
  21. Your IDEAL DANCER: what does she look like? What does she act like?
  22. Beethoven to Bachmann-Turner Overdrive: What do you prefer?
  23. Laissez les bon temps rouler!
  24. The Best Experience You Have Ever Had With A Dancer?
  25. Tattoos: How much is too much?
  26. I have a real crush on a stripper
  27. Ace bandages & braces
  28. When a customer asks me where I'm from. . .
  29. Glitter- attractant or deterrent?
  30. I'm thinking about trying OTC shows
  31. Wig mishaps and other unfortunate events
  32. Red Hair..better or worse?
  33. Do u get dances fr older women?
  34. Analyze This....
  35. Thoughts on body stockings?
  36. Why do Guys Get so Offended When Asked to Pay for Dances Up Front?
  37. Most non-chalant way to ask a dancer for OTC extras.
  38. Why do happily married customers come in? Explain plz
  39. Clubs that abuse their dancers...
  40. So....You Making Any Money Tonight?
  41. The sympathy hustle
  42. Are dreadlocks ever attractive in this industry?
  43. Where would you look for OTC shows?
  44. What drink do you order at the club?
  45. Do all strippers have a butt?
  46. The WORST lapdance you've ever received?
  47. Boston accent on dancer, hot or not?
  48. Emotional connection or strictly physical?
  49. Who Just Wants Company?
  50. Private party southeast PA