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  14. webcam work. make lots of $$
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  16. re the Solstice parade, work for a day
  17. Worker-owned & lookin for new dolls!
  18. Stripping in Maryland
  19. calling NYC girls to be on TV show
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  26. Make $1000+ a night!
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  32. SEEKING NEW TALENT IN BEAUTIFUL NEW ORLEANS: Circuit Dancers/Amateurs Welcome.
  33. Metro Detroit Area
  34. New Faces Needed
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  36. Dancers wanted
  37. Ouestion? Miami Or W. Palm Beach?
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  39. looking for girls
  40. Nj Club
  41. NJ Genlemen's club
  42. Need New Faces
  43. Need New Faces
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  45. The Drake Showlounge in Vancouver
  46. Going to Guam, Again
  47. Traveling Dancers Wanted For Top Clubs In Mexico
  48. Guam, Club Crazy Horse
  49. Dance In Mexico`s Most Prestiged & V.i.p Clubs, Female Travelling Dancers Requested**
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