View Full Version : Win XP booting up reallllllly slow.

12-08-2007, 05:29 PM
We're talking like damned near five minutes, and sometimes my desktop icons don't come up at all, which means I can't shut down properly.

The problem has come about in the last couple of weeks. I initially thought a recently added app was the cause of the problem and after putting the computer through System Restore (back about a month) and for a couple of days, it looked as though that fixed things.

Problem was that all of those wonderful "automatic updates" from Microsoft had to re-download, and once they did, the problem returned. So I tried System Restore again today, and lo and behold it won't restore any more.

I'm bushed. Any suggestions you geeks can come up with? I looked at selective startup, but I honestly don't know what is what on there and don't want to declick anything essential.

Truthfully, I'm a bit scared to shut this thing off right now, but we have an ice storm on the way, so I'm going to have to.

Any info will be appreciated. I'll be backing up files in the meantime. :-\

12-08-2007, 06:02 PM
Every two years, if I haven't purchased a new computer, I reformat the harddrive and reinstall everything I use. Time comsuming, but the computer runs like new for a while.

12-08-2007, 07:13 PM
...doc, I'd like to know the hard drive itself is ok before looking at the software.

1) Please run HDTune and report the results of all your drives benchmark, health, and error scan. You should be able to run it from a USB stick if necessary.


2)Then click start>run> Enter CHKDSK /f c: Reboot if necessary.
Then do the same for your other drive letters such as CHKDSK /F d:

3) Then run DEFRAG.

a. Open My Computer.
b. Right-click the local disk volume that you want to defragment, and then click Properties.
c. On the Tools tab, click Defragment Now.
d. Click Defragment.

4) How full are your drives?

12-08-2007, 07:26 PM
Plus open up explorer look under Start Menu\Programs\ Start up under your directory and the All Users directory to see what is loading at startup. It may be some program is eating up your boot time.

Check the Task Manager to see what programs are running and see how much memory they are using.

Taco Goblin
12-09-2007, 02:08 AM
There's a couple things I usually keep an eye on when it comes to system speed and boot-times. Someone already mentioned checking your "startup" folder. Personally I think that thing should be EMPTY. Then I periodically check my msconfig..

Specifically, hit "start".. go to "run" and type "msconfig".. should pop a little window.. and over at the end there's a tab called "Startup", and its probably chock full of crap starting up that doesn't need to. Toggle off anything that's crap. Don't disable anything related to your hardware (video, audio, keyboard, etc) and your security software (virus, spy-killers, firewall, etc). Anything you're not sure of, you can usually google to figure out if its needed. I've got about 9 things toggled to run, and about 15 toggled off... accumulations over the months.

Then I make sure I run "adaware" and "spybot search and destroy" to clear out a lot of the nastiness.

Also you might try running a good registry cleaner.. and for sure your virus/trojan/rootkit software has to be up to date and actually scanning everything.