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05-27-2008, 11:46 AM
Thank you everyone who participated in the survey. I will start off quickly as there is a lot of information to get to. I will start off covering how the results were examined and interpreted. Next, I will then briefly discuss the effect of demographic differences. Lastly, I will review the key findings for each section of the survey and explain the changes planned to address each issue. Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable - it's a loooooong read. If you have any questions or comments at the end - feel free to post them in the discussion thread at http://www.stripperweb.com/forum/showthread.php?t=116607.

And with that, I am proud to present to you the results of our 2008 community survey.

How the Survey was Structured and Evaluated
The survey was structured into three sections to evaluate member demographics, member opinion, and comments. The opinion section typically had questions that were answerable with one of five selections. They answers ranged from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Answers for each question were weighted and averaged. This provides a single “score” for each question. In general, this means that 3 represents a neutral majority, while 4 indicates an agreeable majority, and 2 shows a disagreeing majority.

As for comments, each was read and then assigned to a category. The categories are listed below in the comment section. Some wonderful suggestions were made, many of which will be implemented in time. Again, thank you for your input.

Demographic Variances
Quite surprisingly, filtering by demographics did not generally change the results. That means, on the whole, regardless of your background, most of you agreed with each other! I am also happy to see that your association with the site or industry (or lack thereof) did not translate to a bias. I truly appreciate that.

Significant demographic difference will be addressed in the "Key Findings - What do you think?" section, where they appear. There were some slight demographic differences overall that I found interesting.

Overall, which type of member enjoys the site and is the most optimistic about the future of the community? Exotic Dancers.

Which member type is the most pessimistic about our future and annoyed by others? Frequent posters, regardless of gender, race, or industry association.

Who feels the most discriminated against? Men.

Which members are the most willing to help support the site? Exotic dancers who post frequently.

Again, for the most part, the variances were slight - however I find them interesting and worth noting. There are a few things they imply and I would like to address.

Frequent posters at some point become slightly jaded when compared to the typical reader. I want to work to repair that damage and work to keep it from reoccurring in the future. In the comments section many pointed out that unclear boundaries have been set and different types of members are stepping on each other's toes. More on this in the next paragraph.

Males feel discriminated against. It was mentioned in several comments that most new users are put through a social gauntlet before being accepted. As several members pointed out, the community has done this as a way to protect itself from trolls and jackasses. Those members suggested that if we establish clear boundaries and hold members to them - we won't need social aggression to maintain balance and security. In the future it will be made clear which sections are dancer/industry only. We will also be creating more dancer/industry only sections - as StripperWeb is first and foremost a community for Exotic Dancers. The existing forums (our main stage) will become predominantly dancer/industry members only and will also remain industry focused. For those more interested in using the social features of the site, we will be creating more off-shoot areas. Additionally we will be soon allowing members to create their own forums and groups for socializing.

Finally, it was fantastic to hear that the group most willing to support SW is the group it was designed for – exotic dancers who frequently use the site! That means a lot to me personally. Our fundraiser will be launching shortly and I am excited to see the level of support you are willing to give. Together we can continue to make SW the best community of its kind.

Key Findings
Who is StripperWeb?
The first part of the survey asked questions about you personally and who you are. The "average" SW member is a 25-35 year old, white female exotic dancer, who reads frequently but only posts occasionally, and has been on the site for 1-2 years.

Of course, we learned more than just that. Our ratio of performers (exotic dancers, retired dancers, curious about being a dancer, feature dancers, etc) to other members has remained consistent for the most part since SW’s birth - about 60% to 40% respectively. Also, the majority of our regular readers do not post. Only 32% of members surveyed post frequently. Membership length is quite balanced - with 1-2 years being the clear peak.

Compared to the survey we had 3-4 years ago, SW is getting younger. There are fewer 35-45 year old female members and more 25-35 year old female members. Additionally, most of the members over 35 now are male.

Lastly, 82% of members identify as being white. I found that number to be extremely high and did not know if it was due to the industry, our membership, or the fact we are a website. So I did some research on general internet usage statistics and found that we are actually slightly more diverse than your average website. On average 83% of internet users are white.

Comparing ourselves to other general internet usage statistics, we attract 15% more females. We also attract users who are on average 10 years younger.

Weird to look in the mirror, huh? :)

05-27-2008, 12:35 PM
Key Findings - What do you think?
The opinion portion of the survey sought feedback on 4 key areas. We wanted to know how you felt about:

SW - The Website
SW - The Community
Which changes are the most important?
In which ways are you willing to help support SW?

Just as a reminder, for most of these results 3 represents a neutral majority, 1 is definitely no, and 5 definitely yes. If numbers are above 3, the majority agrees with the question - if the number is below 3, the majority disagrees. The further the number is away from 3, the more of you feel passionately about that topic or more of you agree in that direction.

SW - The Website
While it is clear we have areas to work on, most of you report good news about how the site is run. There does appear to be one slight contradiction. A large majority agree that they know the rules of the site (4.1) and know how to find help (3.5). However, when it comes to new members, you feel that they are not well introduced to the site or rules (only 3.4 sitewide and 3.1 for frequent posters). While 3.4 is not horrible, it is not great. I would like to see a score closer to 4. I am assuming most of you feel like you learned the rules hands on - by using the site. There were also several comments which requested better documentation through out the site. The admin team will begin coordinating the creation of this documentation shortly and will be looking for contributors to help.

Most of you are optimistic about problems being resolved (3.8). However, you feel we do not communicate changes as well (3.3). Again, this represents that a majority agrees that we do communicate well, but only slightly. I'd like to improve that significantly. This report should represent a change in the right direction.

Most of you feel we reward members who make contributions (3.5). The admin team is looking to improve this as well. We currently do not have technical tools in place to identify helpful members. This will be changing in the near future. We will be testing out a number a feature additions to see which best fit the community.

There is also hesitation to agree that moderators are properly selected (3.3). While that is a positive score, it is only slightly so. Many of you also expressed concerns about individual moderators, becoming a moderator yourself, or our system of assigning moderators in general via your individual comments. I will discuss this in greater depth in the comment section.

The largest complaint you have in this area is change itself. Your response ranked in at 2.5 sitewide and 2.2 for frequent posters! The message that the admin team is too slow to respond is clear. Hopefully you have already noticed the change and we can build off of this momentum.

SW - The Community
There is great news about how most of you feel about SW as a community! Most are optimistic about our future (3.3 sitewide, 3.4 for performers), feel SW has had a positive effect on your life or career (4.0 sitewide, 4.3 for frequent posting performers), believe the admin and mod teams are here to help make SW a better place (3.9), and have never felt discriminated against (80%).

The only real issue identified is that most of you would like a quicker response to problem members with increased moderation (3.5 sitewide, 3.6 for frequent posting performers).

Which changes are the most important?
The point was clear: that StripperWeb remain a community for Exotic Dancers! Hands down at 4.1 site-wide and 4.3 for performers - the single highest score in the survey. You all agree with this one and I am glad to hear it. That is our specialty! For the past year or so we have lost focus and wandered a bit, but we now have the resources to get ourselves back on track. MANY of the comments revolved around making SW more industry focused. Creating dancer-only areas, fixing club reviews, breathing new life into our article section, and a new industry directory. These are all coming.

What's #2? Clubs and Reviews! 3.5 for the entire site, 3.8 for performers. Again this is being worked out as we speak. I would like to note it is the single most costly change. The entire system will need to be redone. The fundraiser will be key in whether or not we make this happen.

#3? Cross-over between industry members and non-industry members at 3.2 sitewide and 3.4 for performers who post frequently. We will be making several of our key industry-related areas - industry or exotic dancers only areas. We will also be making it more clear what areas are open for all members. Most importantly, we will also be offering a dancers-only area with upgraded membership - it will have a private club chat and lounge. Lastly, we will also be allowing members to create their own groups and forums (within our site guidelines). All these should help alleviate some of the tension that has built up recently.

In which ways are you willing to help support SW?
So how would you like to help out and who is the most willing to do so? Performers who post frequently reported 3.4, performers in general reported a 3, and the general membership reported 2.9. This was an average for all types of support. There were clearly preferences that varied per demographic.

The most popular type of support with a total average score of 3.4 is pride/community/industry-related gear. The next popular is a more private area for dancers. The least popular (at 2.2) was paying to not see banner ads. Most of you seem comfortable having them on the site. Thank you for letting us know!

Key Findings - Comments
The comments were the most informative. To hear from so many of you - good, bad, and playful - was fantastic. Typically I only hear from members when there is a problem - so I get used to hearing about the negative side of things. There are not many opportunities for me to speak with you all directly and hear your personal feelings. I was surprised to see that the great majority of you took the time to leave positive comments (35%)! That is not typical in surveys. Usually only those with problems take the time to comment. Hearing so much positive feedback, especially when we were asking you to be hard on us, was encouraging. Thank you very much from me personally, the moderation team, and the administration team.

There were several areas identified as needing improvement - most of them already addressed in the opinion survey section above. While we cannot implement all the suggestions mentioned - we have taken EVERY single one into consideration and I assure you most will be addressed. We are very excited about the changes coming in the next few months. Your responses will guide the priorities we set. I should also note that the percentages here are based off of the total amount of comments left, not of all surveys filled out - 61% did not leave any comments.

Each comment was assigned to one or more categories based on the topics covered in the comment. I will go over the most common themes addressed. They include:

22% Bothered by newbie bashing, cliques, or other drama
20% Improve industry focus on site and add industry-related content
19% Want a way to donate to the site
17% Want increased moderation
14% Are frustrated by comments from non-industry posters
13% Have concerns about individual moderators, moderator terms, how they are selected, being a moderator yourself, etc.
12% Have enjoyed or want an increase in social features

There were also a number of people that expressed privacy/stalking concerns (4%). While that number is small compared to the other issues this issues is extremely important and must be addressed.

23% - Fix Club Reviews
I’ve addressed this topic above and understand it is a great resource and critical for you – like most other industry-specific features. I have spoken with some developers, but I am not yet ready to move forward with any of them. We will also have to begin the fundraiser before I can take on the financial responsibility of hiring a developer.

22% - Bothered by newbie bashing, cliques, or other drama
As I mentioned in the opinion section, many of your requested clearer boundaries and increased moderation to handle these sorts of problems. Please also see the “Want increased moderation” paragraph below.

20% - Improve industry focus on site and add industry-related content
StripperWeb’s technology is dated. There are new tools that can allow us all to create more industry-focused content. We will be creating and adding these tools so you can add articles, links, blogs posts, etc. We’ve aimed to be THE resource for exotic dancers. Moving forward we will focus on doing so.

19% - Want a way to donate to the site
Many of you expressed frustration in not being able to help donate and support the site. We appreciate your desire to contribute and will be making this possible shortly. Once we have fully documented the goals of the fundraiser and get the technology in place to process donations automatically – we will be accepting donations via CCBill.

17% - Want increased moderation
Many of you are bothered with members posting in sections they should not be posting in, trolls, and other drama igniters. As the times have changed, so have the problems we face. We will be shortly releasing updated rules. We will also be making the rules more accessible. We will need your help: when the rules are released – please read them. Next, do your best to follow them. Finally, support the moderators in their application of the rules. We should have things running more smoothly in no time.

14% - Are frustrated by comments from non-industry posters
I mentioned in the opinion section that many expressed frustration due to poorly drawn borders. In the opinion section I also clarified that SW needs to ensure that industry members and performers can have their own areas to network and support each other. While non-industry members are not the devil – they are currently overwhelming area’s that should be more sacred. By making our main stages (front page forums/blog/articles and any other “official“ sections of the site) mostly industry focused and then allowing users to create and manage their own forums/groups we can ensure new areas are created for both those who want to remain industry-focused and those who want to be more social.

13% - Have concerns about individual moderators, moderator terms, how they are selected, being a moderator yourself, etc.
As times have changed for the membership at large, it has also changed for the moderators. Boundaries and rules have not be clearly defined. Additionally, the mods have been left to fend on their own far too many times – without appropriate support from the admin team. Hiring assistance was the first step in turning this around and it has worked very well. There are further changes being implemented to improve things. I have also brought up your major concerns with the moderators. The qualities it takes to moderate and how problems should be handled will also be better illustrated in the future. Emphasis will be placed on even and consistent application of the rules. On your side, please remember, moderating is a subjective task, done by volunteers, and is difficult to do. It is mostly a thankless job – so make sure to show them your support. Many of you also expressed a desire to become a moderator or to contribute otherwise. At this point we have no system in place to keep track of offers and take people up on them. This will be changing as well. SW has grown so much and will only need more help in the future (SW Blog, Clubs and Reviews, Wiki, Social Team, etc). Many of you have great things to offer and good members should be rewarded with the opportunity to contribute more. Thank you for your offers. It means everything to us. If you are interested in helping in the near future, please email [email protected] and let me know what you would like to help out with. We will save your offer and follow up with you when the time is right.

I would like to take a moment to note how moderators have been selected in the past and how they are currently selected. Our first round of moderators were elected. I asked for nominees, an election was held, and those with the majority vote became mods. A few problems came from this method. Like other elections, ours quickly became a popularity contest. Some people were voted in moreso because they were well known rather than because they held traits that would make them good moderators. Because the moderators themselves have the best idea of what it takes to moderate we have been turning to them to make suggestions and to vote new mods in. In the future I would like to create roles where people can demonstrate mod skills. Those who excel would eventually become mods themselves - sort of like a Jr. Mod program.

12% - Have enjoyed or want an increase in social features
Many of you have made friends through SW – both in real life, in the club, and online. Some have found work. So many of you expressed how important those relationships are to you and how thankful you are that SW helped you connect. Social networking sites have grow very quickly in the past 5 years and frankly, we’ve been left in the dust. Many of you requested new features – in time we will have new profiles, a better “friend” system, social bookmarking, and much more.

4% - Privacy / Safety / Stalking
A number of members have been harassed in real life, via myspace, or some other way. This is a very serious threat and members need to be reminded that there are just as many crazies online as there are in the real world. It is important that SW offer security to its members and give you tools to protect yourself and your identity. The admin team will be putting together a guide and inviting new members to read it over. Through the signup process we will have the site offer safety tips on making good choices to help protect your identity. Lastly, we will be putting up further technical road blocks to casual surfers and making it harder for them to see your contact info. We do not want to restrict you ability to share what you wish, but we also do not want to leave you open to harassment. For this reason most security features will be configurable by you.

Thank you!
Again, thank you all for your feedback. Making these improvements stick will take the efforts of all of us. We must resolve to give StripperWeb new life by returning it to its primary core purpose - support for exotic dancers - ensuring a long life for the exotic community.

Thank you for your support and feedback!

Comments or questions can be posted at http://www.stripperweb.com/forum/showthread.php?t=116607