View Full Version : Brand New Size 10 Pleaser Domina 101 Shoes for Sale

Bolshoi Ballerina
06-02-2008, 12:55 AM
Hey there,

I am selling my brand new Pleaser Domina 101 shoes. I have only tried them on once. They do not have straps and thus will not work for me. (I wanted to give the strapless shoes a chance, but it just isn't for me.) I paid $40 for them and am asking the same for them. I will charge actual shipping costs. I could return them to the store I bought them from, but it is online and I will have to pay a dumb fee to send them back. I figure this way someone will be able to get them for less than I paid for them (The shipping charges were ridiculous!)

I think they would be especially fitting for a very upscale club or for a schoolteacher or naughty librarian act.

PM me if you need to know anything else or would like to see pics. Thanks!