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02-07-2009, 04:09 PM
It's not easy. I met him at the club, knew him for about a year. We had a lot of fun times, but have you ever been in a relationship where you're together, but you still feel a bit lonely at times? I'd give him his space...but still wanted to see him 2 times a week...that's not much to ask considering we both live close to each other. Then he'd make comments about other women, flirty comments, right in front of my face. How did that make me feel? I would never talk about my dancing life with him or the other men at the club...so why mention about "she'd be quiet if I started making out with her" kind of bad jokes? Just plain disrespectful. He also was muslim. That's my mistake...they have cultural values I just cannot agree with. Women are little objects they treat as just to be used for sex and nothing else. Then there were a few instances where he'd just not return my texts or calls at all...for 24 hours, for no good reason at all. Wouldn' that make you suspicious, if you're in a relationship and he's not always good about just bare minimal communication? Then there was his porn addiction, he'd watch it EVERY day...even when I was around at his place (he'd watch it secretly on his computer)...when i'd make the effort to look good, dress sexy, nice lingerie, etc...that'd make me feel totally taken for granted. Then there was his admittal that his mom wants him to have an arranged marriage. Eww! It's probably because he knows he couldn't get a woman to put up with him the regular girlfriend route...so with arranged marriage, you talk with the family...see each other a couple times, then the deal is sealed...it helps cover up some personality flaws. Then there was him lying about going to a trip to visit his dad, when I found out (internet spying) he was going to Ukraine to see escorts with his buddies (he claims he just was going to have a "massage"--haha massage parlors are full service places. Not to mention sex trafficking or human slavery is the highest there, and why spend your money in something like that? he didn't seem to really care even though I showed him articles about that)...at a time when we were having unprotected sex. He could have given me HIV! He actually felt ashamed and started crying when I confronted him about it. Me, just deep disgust...lack of respect for him...and considering it'd be during Valentine's day weekend.

I think I kept keeping in it because the sex was great with him. But with all this other stuff...I'd feel totally taken for granted... not fully loved as I needed to be. No potential for a deep relationship. Everyone would tell me to get rid of him, i'd keep going back because of insecurity, because I can be stupid like that. I've been wasting my time with a loser, a scum bag. It's pretty much over now. Had a big fight, there's just no point. Just wanted to rant here. I need to cut the losses, and move on. There have got to be better men out there. I just need to have faith I can find one, it will eventualy happen, but now I need to glue myself together again. I'm emotionally exhausted. Thanks for letting me rant here, ladies

02-07-2009, 04:13 PM
Congrats on getting rid of him, you can do so much better! No one has the right to put their significant other's life at risk... especially by having sexual encounters with other people where the relationship is not open! Good riddance to him.

Next! :-)

02-07-2009, 04:42 PM
thanks for the supportive words, I appreciate it

02-07-2009, 11:14 PM
Go you!! It takes a lot of strength & courage to do what you did so kudos to you!! The right, perfect guy will find you :)

02-17-2009, 04:24 PM
Congrats on getting rid of the loser! No scumbag like that is worth your time or attention. Take some you-time, and a much better guy will show up when you're least expecting it.