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08-09-2009, 09:55 AM
Because of the crises in Europe, have the income in many parts of Europe gone down . That have resulted in

*Less inncome to the girls (partly provisionbased also in Europe), more girls that press down the sallary (spescially from the EU-country from Eastern Europe)
*More traficking (I know about clubs in werry many country, and have also got a list from the police in Estonia over towns they recently have seen Estonian girls bluffed to. ),
*Girls without papers (ca 30% of all clubs in Norway use russian girls living Estonia with only touristpapers),
*Stripgirls that have to sell sex to get any income at all (like some places in Greece, UK, Germany and Lithuania),
*Girls get placed in clubs without income with purpose by their agents so they must do porn to pay the houserental in the agents flat, (like a agent in Portugal)
*Agents that offer toppless bartenderjobs in Greece and Cyprus where you have to sell sex.
* pornagents that write contract where you shall get 40-75% of the income in the next 3-5 years. They store the film in this years, and sell it first when it is no income to you
*False contracts is sendt to you, and when you arive are you forced to accept other contracts (commond in Spain - but commond in hole Europe),
*As long as it is custommers in the club can you not go home, even if you have to stay over 12 houre (some clubs in Greece - but also other places)
* Clubs owned by mafia and criminals is really commond in many country
* Never accept jobs on false papers, since the club can controll you if you are criminal (false papers - and they scare you with police)
* Girls gets provision for getting other girls to work in the club
* Many of the eastern Europeen country have lost controll over HIV!! Ca 7-10% of all citicen (between 15 and 46 y.o.) in the russian towns / russian subborn in Tallinn in Estonia have HIV () This is the towns where the adultworkers often came from in Estonia. We have simular stories also from other country (like the adultarea in Murmansk in Russia have over 30% HIV).
*Many clubs strugle with drugs - drugged girls, meens also you easy get clothes stolen.
*The general income have gone down, and clubs strugle to pay rental (it is now almost no clubs left in Riga, Latvia) - so clubowners can cheat you for money to survive.
* Clubs that do not pay taxes for all the girls. That can result in jails in many country. some clubs also keep your taxmoney - also good old clubs. not nice to sit scared and hided in a cold garden behind your club in Kretha Greece, while the taxdepartment controll in over 2 houre.
* Overbooking of girls is commond - so some clubs have not space to all girls in the weekend (when it is money)
*Clubs lies about income in the club the last weeks, and let you talk to girls over phone (in one club do the girlfriend to the owner talk to you as a neutral girl)

most clubs is good and seriouse, but the risk to dump into something bad is big!

Do not be afraid to go to Europe, but ask first seriouse people about their advices. Either a seriouse agent, or mutch better a stripperfriend you know well. I know many agents that do traficcing now.

08-16-2009, 09:08 AM
Gah. What a fucking mess. I came back to stripperweb after a long break for some goofy stories or hustle tips and ended up reading this whole post first.

Thanks though. Makes working in America - Alaska where times are still good - seem like an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants....kinda creepy, but still fun and not altogether horrid.

I am reminded of Lilja Forever about the girl whose mom ditches her, and she gets kidnapped and pimped out in Sweden and throws herself off a bridge, and her best friend huffs a bunch of glue and dies or something. Then at the end, they're both angels with wings and play basketball on the roofs of their shitty post-communist Estonian suburb.

Strippers worldwide...unite and stop the madness >_<

08-16-2009, 10:26 AM
I think we are struggling here with many of the same issues. I keep hearing more and more about extras being almost mandatory to earn a living in many locations (So. Cal). Girls struggling with dancer drama in the club and owners/ managers have always lied to the girls about the income potential.

We may be half a planet apart, but it appears that we have a lot in common. I agree, Strippers worldwide do need to unite.:)

09-25-2009, 01:45 AM
I agree, Strippers worldwide do need to unite.:)

I agree with this 100%..
WE are in control here. If WE would all stop with the nonsense then WE would all make money without having to do anything extra!