View Full Version : 1pair size 6, 1 pair size 5 shoes

01-12-2010, 08:18 PM
i have 2 pairs of shoes i cant use, one is a size 6 pink glitter pair, pic below. i've only worn them a couple of times (like 3 shifts), but they dont work for me.
the 2nd pair is a size 5 of pleaser tip jar shoes with the green $ on them. they are too small (i wear a 5 or 6 depending on how sizes run) only wore them 1 1/2 nights.
i'm asking $30 for each pair

http://www.discountstripper.com/ellie7/709-glitter-LARGE.jpg (http://www.discountstripper.com/ellie7/709-glitter-LARGE.jpg)
im also looking to sell 2 outfits i ordered that turned out to run too small to get over my hips- one a silver booty short/halter bikini combo, and the other a metalic red halter/skirt combo. i recomend for anyone a size 4/6 or smaller. i'm asking $10 each . pics as soon as i find my camera.