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01-23-2011, 07:45 PM
Over the years I have seen many dancers that I have wondered how they make a living. There was this one dancer who may have looked decent 15 years or so ago, but should have quite five years ago. Almost every time she would go on stage at least half the club would clear out. There was even a running joke going on that the club kept her so they could make room for more customers. She still had a following for some reason. She never left until new managers took over the club and fired about 1/3 of the dancers, including her.

Other times a dancer's first thought of "she dances dirty," may in fact be true. I have seen a lot of below average looking dancers over the years make tons of money compared to supermodel looking dancers, because they gave an incredibly dirty dance. Some of them have been my favorites in the past.

One of the worst things for me are dancers I have no desire to have a dance from who are complete pests, such always asking at least three times a visit if you want a dance or making a scene if you say no. I did find one my of current favorites because of one though. One of the club ogres was making a bee line to my table, and I wasn't in the mood for her attitude. Luckily I saw this pretty and relatively new dancer walking by so I asked her to sit down. A few songs later we went to the back, and she has been one of my favorites ever since.

01-24-2011, 03:23 PM
Hahaha you should have been at my work last week. We got these 2 chicks. One looked like a dude who got her hair cut with a pair of hedge clippers, and the other one may have been cute...about 15 years ago. I think they were mail order brides that were marked "return to

LOL at return to sender...!

I used to wonder why the seemingly more unattractive girls do better with making money and hustling customers...and I think it's one or a combination of these things:

1. I'm wayyyy too honest for this job. I don't pretend that I want to date you and I will not tell you I'm in love with you. From talking to customers and some of these girls...the guys think that these girls genuinely want to be with them and often the girls use these guys for OTC stuff, too (fixing their cars, paying bills, buying Christmas presents for their kids...) I don't see customers OTC, nor do I lead anyone on. The lonely guys that just want someone (anyone, really) are the ones that spend on these girls.

2. I think it may have been Jack who brought up confidence. I'm smart, attractive, and have a unique personality...guys always tell me there is no reason for me to be the self conscious stripper, but I often am. Less attractive (in whatever way) girls consistently make more money than I do because of how confident they are. I think 'Why would he want a lapdance from me?' They think...'Why wouldn't he?' It has a lot to do with mindset. I'm also far too nice- the bitchy dancers seem to be the ones who are always in VIP for hours... guys wants to spend money on them, and would rather date me. Hateee that.

3. Oh! Almost forgot. Drama, looking trashy/bruised up/whatever. Guys like to be your knight in shining armor...even some of my regulars flock to the girls with abusive boyfriends or whatever drama going on in their lives (whether made up or not) because they want to be the one to save you or whatever. I often feel I'm punished for being the stable one- I don't have a husband that beats me, a boyfriend in jail, etc... I don't need to be saved and therefore I make less money. On more than one occasion I have been turned away from regulars because 'so and so really needs me right now or could really use the help, but oh...I will get you next time...' Sure, okay. Great. ::)

Long post! Sorry!