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05-22-2011, 10:12 PM
Exotic Moments 2 You is hiring Entertainers who are Honest/Reliable/Presentable/Fun and Friendly. We are looking for both Male and Female Dancers to provide Adult Entertainment for private party events. We pay all Entertainers a minimum of $75 an hour plus you work off tips. The types of shows that you will usually be preforming are: Bachelor(ette), Birthday, Sport Parties, Going Away, Private Show, etc.

We do require that all of our Dancers provide us with a photo(s) that we can post to our website. All photos need to be Staged Amateur Photos or Professional Photos. No Cell Phone Pictures please. Remember that you are trying to make a great first impression, sexy, classy, tasteful photos… no nude.

Being on the website gets our Entertainers more work and you will have happier guest when they know who is arriving. Our company works hard to bring the customers what they are looking for and we work hard for our Entertainers to help make them as much money as they can. We do not sell you short like many Agencies do in this industry. We inform all of our customers that the show fee pays for your gas and your time to get to and from the event and also for set up of music/lights/props.

Clients are informed that during the show they are required to tip throughout the entire event. Party games, Lap dances, VIP dances and Fantasy shows are an extra fee and that the Entertainers set the price. If they are not tipping and no one is getting party games / lap dances then the show is over. We never state that you will be there for an exact time or for how long. We let them know that upon booking with our company. Our Company explains that if they are participating and going along with all 3 stages of the show that the time frame is usually 1-1 ˝ hours sometimes more.

A show usually consist of 3 Stages

Stage 1

Put guest of honor in the Hot Seat. The Entertainer will perform a hot sexy strip tease and offer a variety of party games for the Guest of Honor.

Examples of what Entertainers do:

• Have everyone load the guest of honor up with money, do strip tease while finding money.
• Spanking the guest of Honor (have everyone drop money in the guest of honors pants and the more money they throw the harder you spank.
• You can do a quick dance around the room and have everyone load you up with money and the guest of honor takes it off you.
• You can lay the Guest of honor down and have everyone put money on him/her and where they put the money is where you put your hot chest.
• You can offer whip cream for $20 for 3 spots on your hot body for them to enjoy.
• Oil/Lotion/Body Shots Games $20
• You can ask if they want you to get you fully nude…Female Entertainers get $20+ to get full nude and to do a small dance for the guest of honor.
• Some Girls also offer lolly pops, glow sticks, pussy shots etc. These games are a bit more because it’s a Wilder Game. $40

Stage 2

• Entertainer will offer Party games and Lap Dances to the rest of the guest at the party. Party games usually run from a few dollars a person to $20-$40 per game depending on type of party game. Lap Dances are $20 topless and $40 full nude.

Stage 3

Fantasy Show

• Girls usually preform a Hot Fantasy Erotic show on the floor filled with candles, wax, small toys and big toys. You as the Entertainer set the price of this show. Most Entertainers start there show price at $100-$150 per dancer to perform a Mild Erotic Candle/Wax Show. Some parties may want a Wilder Show where you play with toys during you act; price is usually $200-$500 per dancer. The time of doing that show is usually in between 10-30 minutes depending on what you are able to collect.

VIP Private Lap Dances

• They usually start at $100 and you would offer a private lap dance in a room and dance for about 2-3 songs.

All entertainers are required to bring all proper material to all shows. Radio/music/lights/props/party games/and dollars bills to make change for tipping.


This is a business and we are providing a service and we ask that you stay professional at all shows please. The more professional, presentable and reliable you are the more money you can make.

We do not provide dancers with drivers. It is your responsibility to find someone who you feel safe and comfortable with. If you need help then you may ask if we have had any inquires and if so we will give you what we have. It’s on you to hire them and meet with them. All Entertainers must have a cell phone and be able to receive texts.

If you are interested in applying with Exotic Moments 2 You please visit our website and fill out our Employment Application and submit your photos and we will work on getting you working soon. http://www.exoticmoments2you.com