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07-20-2011, 02:08 PM
I've posted a thread previously regarding expanding my small agency, but didn't seem to get any responses, I'm hoping I could pass this idea by you all for some input. I currently run a small Agency here on Long Island New york and have a small base of steady clubs and clients that I work with. We currently have a small roster of entertainers and would like to grow and add to our entertainers.
Here is my idea. I'm thinking to offer new entertainers the opportunity to promote themselves for free and keep 100% of all profits on their first 2-3 events/shows with no payout to the agency and no payment for promoting them through the website. All that we ask in return is that we are allowed to use their image and information for a duration of three months on our site and promotional items. All images and information will of course be approved by the entertainer prior to release of the information. All information will be used to promote the entertainer for further events/shows booked. throughout the three months our company will promote, book, and connect the entertainers to our expanding list of clients and clubs. As I stated before we will allow the entertainer to keep all money from the first 2-3 events/shows that we are able to book for them. (No strings attached no fine print in the agreements). We believe that in order for us to expand our business in these difficult financial times we must be able to offer a wider selection of entertainers. As we all know in these times of computers and the internet many entertainers self-promote and don't use agencies. We feel that by giving the entertainers the opportunity to use our services for free, they can see how well we can benefit there careers without any financial risk involved. We are confident that we will be able to book and promote the entertainers to their liking and will want to continue to work with our agency pass the three months. Although we state the entertainer can keep 100% of all money from the first 2-3 events, we are confident we will book them beyond 2-3 events/shows throughout the three month period. After the three month period, we hope to continue on a relationship with the entertainers as permanent entertainers on our roster. we never charge anyone to be promoted through or agency, but we do require an entertainers agreement with our company that allows us to retain a small amount of money (%) from each event that we book. This will be waved as stated above for the first 2-3 events/shows we book for the entertainer.

So I'm asking for your insight on this idea and if it is a reasonable opportunity? Any comments, questions, or input would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I want to offer this opportunity to Cam Girls also but for Obvious reasons can't offer them to keep 100% of moneys. we can offer them the same three month promotional trial period., with our Agency promoting and driving clients to the entertainers profile page of their cam site.

Thanks again and looking forward to your input

07-30-2011, 01:05 PM
I like your idea... go with it and give it a try. Sounds very fair on both parties. People like pictures and also to get the Entertainers that they pick. Your a thinker.... I like that!