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08-15-2011, 02:48 AM
Hi, I have been a webcam model for 4 years and have finally been able to have the resources to open my own studio this year. I am looking for serious models who want to WORK and make MONEY! I am the type of studio that will do anything to help hardworking models. Tired of studio managers that do nothing for you? My studio has a staff of 4 individuals who were all at one time or another cam models, we are always available and we answer our phones. We are willing to work hard to help to get you the most money for your potential. We usually start our models out at $88.20 an hour in private show but if you have a great cam and good lighting we can negotiate! We have party chat, tips, mass marketing and a great base to build a fan club. We pay bi-weekly by direct deposit and our minimum is only $150 bi-weekly. We give you the option to block states and even countrys. Even if you have no experience we will train you. If you want to have a closer business relationship with your studio then you want to work for us. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at [email protected]

08-28-2011, 10:16 AM

-your site says it has been in business for 15yrs, in fact the sites youre referring to was registered in 2002. so you're lying about *just* getting started
-your site says models get paid $100 an hour, not 88. regardless if you pay 88-100 an hour, how is the biweekly minimum payout $150? wouldnt I be qualified for payout whenever I work two hours? lol.
-your site and all viper sites is registered to a Ken Breeden - which is a man's name - and that name seems to be the only one affiliated with any of the sites (so the claim of you and ALL of your staff being a camgirls to win people's buy in is another lie)
-your site is hosted on godaddy which is not (officially) an adult friendly host service and is more known for just being a cheap host service (which is why you don't have an email domain name, but gmail).. which doesn't bode well for your company's claim to have been "unaffected by the economy" to not be able to host their own email or secure privacy protection
-your site says it won various avn and xbiz awards but no year is given and none of the icons click to the actual awards won. I searched around and see no evidence of you winning any awards.
-your site directs from the main page to the sign up page - not giving the viewer enough time to browse it
-your site's search results for all of its viper companies only brings up job ads like this one and also spam that you all have posted on other sites. no actual models, reviews or even any scam reports. you barely even exist. you have almost no internet presence. how can you have capital for reserves and CBs and such a high payout if you barely exist? I mean, wouldnt anyone and everyone be clamoring to work for you for 88-100 guaranteed an hour? So why is no one working for you, then?
-you lying about you and your 'team' being cam models is just gross

you cannot hire SERIOUS models for a SERIOUS business if you are SERIOUSly dishonest and SERIOUSly nonexistent

you're a liar and are just here to poach business (that you won't even pay any of the rates quoted, if at all) from the naive.

if other leeches and opportunists want to keep posting more bullshit jobs, go for it.

08-28-2011, 02:13 PM
Quote roast: you cannot hire SERIOUS models for a SERIOUS business if you are SERIOUSly dishonest and SERIOUSly nonexistent

I LUV roast!!!:)

08-28-2011, 02:33 PM
OK the first thing you need to understand is that just because this particular APPLICATION SITE was registered in 2002 has NOTHING to do with how long we have been in business. The two dates have nothing to do with each other!
Secondly I start my models out at $88.20 an hour up too $200 an hour depending on cam quality and experience. That amount dosen't include tips! Also if you cant make $150 in two weeks then this job is not right for you!
Thirdly Ken Breeden is the CEO of Viper, he is my business partner, his company handles our payouts and yes they have been around since either 1995 or 1996, hence the logo that says (PAYING MODELS FOR OVER 15 YEARS). I own my studio but his company handles my payouts, get it??????
So all the info that you are trying to say that I am LYING about has NOTHING to do with my studio. Next time you BASH someone maybe you should UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It seems like this forum is full of people who want to spend all their time being rude and bashing people and companies they dont even know. Please stop trying to make my studio look bad when you indeed KNOW NOTHING about it. Maybe next time rather then surfing all over the internet and looking for incriminating evidence you should instead go to my application site and call the number and just ask all these questions.... Would make more sense than the horribly misinformed information that you have just stated for everyone to see.

08-28-2011, 02:37 PM
For anyone who is SERIOUS out there about modeling and making great money and who would like to know more about my company then please visit my website at or you may email me at [email protected] I am more than happy to answer ANY questions, even ones about how the different levels of our company work. :)

08-28-2011, 10:43 PM
I understand you may feel the response to your post is harsh.

If you openly explain the terms of what you're offering here on the site then you'll get a different response. If you just put the break down in numbers

What does the customer pay?
What does the model get %
Is the $88.20 per hour for private hours worked or does this include the free chat time?

Many models have been burned by studios lying and hiding information in the fine print. Openly providing the details allow models to make an educated decision to work with you or not. Other reputable and honest studio owners do this without flinching because they want their models to be pleased to be apart of their business.

If it's more of "I'll tell you later" behind closed doors then it may appear that you may be hiding something that you don't want all models to see or read.

Also the Top of your page may be different (title) but there are many studios that have the same exact set up but different names. I think one was VS or VG marketing or something like that. You may have a white label or screen cover for the original site.

In either case you can eliminate any fears , worries and expectations of you being a scam artist.

Models here look out for one another and attempt to make sure we are being treated fairly in this business. I hope you understand this.

Hopefully this can all be cleared up by just answering some basic questions so we can decide for ourselves.

just my 2 cents.

08-29-2011, 07:33 PM
basically just a studio...