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10-20-2011, 09:13 PM
With apologies to a certain light night TV show Host

Rick's Cabaret in Indy the chain purchased a club and remodeled in April by moving management, stages and poles from Las Vegas. Orginall they brought derision on themselves in the local market by charging a $20 nightly wristband fee. After that became the failure that every dancer at Rick's and every regular club customer in town said when they originally heard they lowered the fee to $10.

Well know 3 weeks ago having failed with too high for the market prices they redoubles there efforts.

In early October they changed the price structure of dances as follows (former price - new price structure)

1. Main floor $20 lap dances - no changes dances given in high sided chairs
2. Back room formerly $20 with $10 nightly wristband now $160 / half hour. these are small shoulder height partition booth / couch.
3. VIP Room formerly $125 / half hour now $300 per hour
4. Champagne Room formerly $300 per hour now $500 per hour.

The impact is, I was to the point of telling a favorite that I would not drop in on Tuesday as she had more business than she could get taken care of. Now the club is almost empty for much of night. Observing the 3 Tuesdays I've been there, only seen a couple of guys take up the $500 room and light use of $300 maybe it's more used on weekends.

Dancers I know and have talked too are upset and I suspect club will lose many if they don't change pricing. The main floor chairs are nearly impossible to give good dances in according to several dancers/ former dancers here. Wheeled high sided chairs don't give much opportunity for a great dance. A couple of weeks ago I saw a couple of dancers take a guy to the unused couches in the main floor raised level, then watched the manager escort them out as I assume that is a bottle area or reserved area.

Why do the corporate chains try to price above the local market? This is Indy home of the Brass Flamingo and $12 couch dances. Prior to this change I would recommend the $125 half hour at Rick's over the BBF $100 as they would take dancers of floor while BBF leaves then in stage rotations.

A favorite dancer keeps me coming here but we have talked about a tour of all other good clubs in town, just to be prepared in case business keeps slipping for her.

10-21-2011, 11:20 AM
I tend not to get too worked up over club changes. Every so often a club will change hands and the new owners will shake things up. When I don't like the changes in a club I just go elsewhere.

10-23-2011, 06:42 PM
I tend not to get too worked up over club changes. >> I don't , either. But when a local club in convenient location with fave dancer (OP's case) dramatically changes price structure, it sucks. A bigger deal vs. similar thing happening to road club that you might make 3-6 business trips/yr. to. When I don't like the changes in a club I just go elsewhere.

I've done just that, both in OP's area, and in a larger city. In first case, another Indy club jacked up their dance prices from $20 to $25, with further increases in VIP packages. Indy dance prices at the time ranged from $10- $20. In second case, new owners knocked out most of $30 dance booths upstairs, putting a $500 "skybox" in its place. Club steered patrons into $40 topless dance area, followed shortly by instituting a $1/dance surcharge per dance on regular and VIP dances. (Club has 2 tier pricing structure for day and night shift with a $10 per dance difference). I just quit going there nights. Perusing club website, noticed a reduction in number of night shift dancers. Recent reports indicate some price relaxation/ more frequent 2fer specials being run to generate more business. Time will tell if this reversal will be beneficial to club business.

10-28-2011, 04:03 PM
Well three weeks later, management made an adjustment to take care of dancers complaints by reinstating the $20 dance in the back room with a$10 nightly wristband. This helps dancers have an option they felt they needed. One dancer told me the change had cut her income by 2/3rds as she was primarily a $20 dance seller.

Another dancer who was much more of a room seller had been discussing a club change and is now staying.