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12-01-2011, 04:24 PM
After alot of consideration I have decided I want to be a dancer. Yes..Ive heard alot of the pros and cons and right now I am not looking for someone(to steer me not to do it). I am looking for someone who has done this line of work or is still doing it and hope to maybe sit down at chat, get coffee and maybe just let me ask you a crap loads of FAQs and my personal questions about dancing(stripping). Of course I will pay for your gas, and if you really want I dont mind paying for your time but I would hope that out of the kindness of your heart you wouldnt ask for any because I was once in your shoes and this sucks lol..I cant get anyone to answer my qs or respond to any of my posts soo..yeaaa..kinda sucks..if you can plz reply or msg me..I would greatly appreciate it!!!:):) Thank you!!

12-18-2011, 06:47 PM
If you want to be a dance performer that's fine, most of society is understanding to the need of having an income, especially when a lot of students are coming out of college with degrees and having a hard time to find jobs. Some gals who never danced before have come to Guam to start off, that way you wouldn't be competing with a bunch of professionals, especially in Cali and Vegas where many dancers have training and fancy costumes. Guam is a tropical island in the Pacific, and it's great for beginners since clubs cover airfare, housing, provides regular paycheck and much potential for commissions. Check my profile tells a little about me and where I perform. And if you need a few outfits I also sale dance clothing at valuemart.org but only viewable in computers and normal-size laptops as categories don't align in the mini's. One thing about dancing, you should never have to pay... you are the performer and entertainment and are performing to earn an income, not paying to perform. This blog is here for dancers to give tips to each other. Hope this gives you some insight when trying to figure where you'd like to go with a dance career.