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01-02-2012, 09:01 PM
Hi my handle is emeraldlotus but I am known as Kia/zen from sf. I danced for over 16years. I find my best nights were when I felt good about myself...then it wasn't work, it was a fun night to be adored...the nice clients with the money found me. So if I had an injury, felt sick, or was in my head with negative self-talk, it was a challenging night.

Invest in yourself. The best way to invest is find a healthy addiction.In addition to exercise, massages are great. It reduces stress, by changing stress chemicals into endorphins (same as sex), it allows you to sleep deeper, so you have more energy the next day. It boosts your immune system, so being sick is reduced. It helps heal old injuries & prevent new ones, it improves skin & body tone, & it brings you out of your head & more into your body feeling positive.

I miss you & would love to help you ladies take care of yourselves so you can make money effortlessly. If you are looking for a certified massage therapist, (San mateo area) who understands the injuries, the emotional journeys...or you just want a great massage, email me at [email protected]