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04-22-2012, 08:20 PM
Things have been pretty dead in blue for a while now. I have intentionally been moving threads down here that, while they started out in customer convo, clearly belonged in blue. This is something that was not happening for a while and I think it had a negative effect on CC and in Blue. That being said, regardless of thread color, all members and all points of view are welcome here. Ladies can participate but do so with the knowledge that the gloves are off down here and moderation is a lot lighter. The gals who have come to blue regularly over the years seem to, for the most part, understand that. That being said, male posters are not required to adopt a certain approach or belief system in order participate here. As a moderator of this section part of my job is to make participants feel welcome here. While I'm not planning any cyber campfire sing-a-longs I do expect tolerance and civility from participants here in regards to the opinions of others.