View Full Version : Camming GOLD SHOWs how much how long and what works for you? share your experiences

06-25-2012, 05:31 PM
Hi i work on SM as a Webcam model ...i was recently given the option to perform Gold Shows. since ive never done one before i would like to know from you guys what does it take to offer a good gold show any tips??

06-25-2012, 09:07 PM
I'm quite curious to see whether any blues (guys) respond to this thread, as it seems like this section is mostly about dancing and strip clubs. I know a ton of cam customers lurk in the 'other cc' (camming connection), but they aren't allowed to post there (hallejulah for that, we deal with enough creepers on cam). Since you're new to stripperweb, definitely check out the camming connection forum as well while you're here; there's some great info there:)

I'm definitely not your target audience, but what I would suggest is designing your gold shows around things that will cater to the majority of your audience....you know your guys best, what would they want to see? Don't customize your gold shows too much, however, as they're very low priced compared to regular exclusive/private shows. For customized shows the guys should expect to pay more than the prices that gold shows tend to run, although I know some chicas encourage (much) larger gold show buy-ins by rewarding high tippers with a video, choice of cum shot, positions, whatever.

Another suggestion is to buy in to a few gold shows yourself. Choose a few successful chicas who share your niche/categories on sm and watch them in free chat during the countdown and during the shows to see how they rock it. I'd suggest doing that over a few separate shifts, so you can observe how they deal with different types of crowds and traffic levels. Think of it as research}:D

Good luck and welcome to stripperweb!

06-26-2012, 08:08 AM
Hi Melonnie and welcome to the forum! I moved your post to the blue section. Customer Convo in pink is the section for customers to ask questions of dancers. Anything else that is customer focused belongs in one of the blue threads.

As to your question. I'm not a huge web cam guy but I do log on once in a while. I rarely invest in Gold Shows since they are quit often very boring. Gold shows are designed to be a tease with the hopes of getting guys to buy private time a after the show. I find it a little frustrating. I guess my suggestion would be to try and find a balance between doing too much and too little. I think we all understand that, ultimately, you want to sell private time but taking five or ten bucks from a bunch of guys for five minutes of ass shaking and "I will do that for you in private" is pretty boring after a while. For the record, I don't want a video of the show and I don't give a rat's ass if you scream my name when you "cum" since you aren't really cumming anyway. I'm not going to pay extra for that stuff and I get annoyed when a girl starts promoting it in the middle of the show to get more gold out of guys.

Of course, I realize that there are tons of guys who troll cam sites all night looking for gold shows and trying to get the world for five bucks. It's a drag for the ladies but it's part of the deal. Keep smiling and be pleasant, just like a dancer has to, and the money guys will come along. The qualities of the cam girls that I buy private time with bear a striking resemblance to the qualities of the dancers that I buy dances from. Cuteness and attitude are number one with me. A pleasant girl with a pretty smile always has a shot.