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02-09-2013, 07:25 AM
Hello All,

First time poster here but a long time patron of Edinburgh's (Scotland) fantastic "Ladies of Negotiable affections" establishments.

So yesterday afternoon I left the Burke and Hare bar, after a couple of dances and moved across the road to the Western bar. I sit down, order a drink and a girl comes over and sits next to me. She doesn't say a word. Just smiles and waits a second before beginning small talk. When she does, I look at her and EVERYTHING in my brain is SCREAMING "You know her!". I mean without the make-up and the skimpy attire and the killer heels. I just have no idea where from. It's not in a "Professional" capacity. As the song goes she was "Somebody I used to know."

After a couple of minutes the conversation becomes awkward and she goes off to speak to other customers. There is a bit of a private joke between the two of us about another customer who has AWFUL BO but that's it. She comes back over later on and mentions his friend smells worse than he does. We both laugh and she goes off and sits down.

I finally decided to go over and speak to her, see if I can find out just who she is and how I know her. But I chicken out, and I awkwardly ask for a private dance. Which although enjoyable just seems....not quite right.....

I have changed quite a bit in recent years (More weight, more facial hair etc.) and I am guessing girls don't pay that much attention to customers but...................

So what I am, rather long windily, getting at is, Has this ever happened to anyone else? Either Stripper or Customer? And what happened? I am DESPERATE to go back, try and find a day when she is working and ask her? Although I can't think of ANY way to do this without it sounding like an awful come on. Would it just upset her?

Any ideas? stories? suggestions? I have tried googleing it but all I can find is what happens if you recognise a girl on the street who works in the club and not the other way around.

Thanks for any/all replies and apologies to any moderators I have upset by posting this in the wrong place.

shanna dior
02-09-2013, 09:22 AM
Don't ask her how you know her. If she didn't recognize you, you might embarrass her if she's not open about her dancing. If she did recognize you, given that she didn't say anything, she probably hopes you don't put two and two together. Best case scenario this ends up an awkward conversation, worst case you upset her. Why are you so desperate to figure it out? Just drop it and get over it.

02-09-2013, 03:27 PM
Yes, it most likely will upset her. I'd suggest you get over your desperation and forget about outing this lady.

[QUOTE=mrman_1986;2453163]Any ideas? stories? suggestions? I have tried googleing it but all I can find is what happens if you recognise a girl on the street who works in the club and not the other way around.

The rules are the same ITC as they are OTC. It is never cool to out a dancer in public or to bring up her real-world persona inside the club

02-10-2013, 09:21 AM
I have found myself in similar situations over the years but if I see someone who I think I might know from outside the clubs, I always did my best to avoid them. As a HS teacher in the stripclub capitol of New England, the risk of bumping into a former (or God forbid current) student was always present. If I was unable to avoid them, I made a point of never doing dances with them. Thinking I knew someone in from the real world was all I needed to steer clear of them. On the occasions I ran into dancers I definiitely knew, we acknowledged each other ahen ignored each from a business perspective at least.

02-16-2013, 08:01 AM
If she doesn't openly admit to you that she recognizes you from x time/place, then I suggest you leave it alone. If she does, however, then the game changes. Take it as a very high compliment and a clear message that you have a chance of dating her (key word here being chance, still not a guarantee).