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05-19-2013, 02:06 PM
Hi guys
Well it is bachelor party season has recently just started, and bookings are coming in. Generally my GF has done pretty good at these parties, and had a lot of shows. The thing is that we have not been able to get guys to spend more then show itself (another show, or body shots or something similar)

In think part of the reason has been partly our appearance, and not putting ideas in there head before the show. Generally she has had her hair done and nice make up, but her attire has generally been just snickers, jeans and simple shirt, (myself pretty much the same), once we arrive either her or myself will talk with the one charge or the best man quickly about the show, then she will go and change into her outfit and do the show. Once the show is over she will go back and change, either back to her outfit (if they want pic with her) or her regular cloth. In the mean time I would try to sell another show but usually we get a no and I feel like we are missing out on extra money.

So I was thinking that if we were to look more professional when we arrive. She would dress more sexy (jeans, heels, and sexy top) and myself wear shirt and jacket, with jeans or maybe suit (I think suit is a bit to much, but maybe) once we arrive to have her maybe flirt a bit with the best man or the one in charge,. (they are already a bit tipsy so it easier) and put some fun ideas in his head, such as body shoot, or shoot between the breast etc.

I Think it would have a good effect , but I like to hear your guys thoughts on it. If you guys have some other ideas I love to hear them.

shanna dior
05-19-2013, 03:10 PM
I think planting the idea of buying more right from the get-go will be the most effective thing you can do, moreso than dressing more professionally. Talk up all of the other add-ons in your opening, casually mention them during the show, and then once you're done the show, before getting changed, encourage them to get more.

05-20-2013, 09:25 AM
We each have our own way of doing things so I mean no disrespect to any other persons way of hustling - but for me I would be pissed if a lady showed up to dance with me wearing sneakers and jeans - that is a huge no-no for me - I have scolded many new ladies that were sent out with me - I dress well to be paid well - heels are not an option but a necessity - and I never wear jeans to a paid session - The guys are waiting with anticipation for you to arrive - why not wow them when you walk in the door - kinda sets the stage that you are expensive and worth it - and my driver is expected to dress also - at least in khaki's and a polo or button up shirt - clean shoes and groomed himself -
I know each area is different but in mine most guys are booking before they hit the town or when they are coming back in from the clubs - not always but often - so getting the additional hours is not real common - and in my opinion the best time to sell that is while you are still naked and in party mode - not as an after thought dressed and walking out the door - and she needs to hustle the shows not you the driver -
we all have our way of doing things but what worked for me was not selling a show for this set amount but - I would tell them while doing whatever that the more money you spend the wilder the show gets - and encourage them to throw bills in to make the show get hotter - how hot do you want it for your bachelor etc..... make games that give them the opportunity to throw money your way - I would walk up to the best man or father of the groom/bride and say I need a 20 for my next trick then have the other guys throwing in while performing - that way i could hit up at least an extra 40 or more to start each new trick - towards the end of my time for my main show / extra show I would stop the music - sit on the bachelors lap and tell the guys that I have a show that they can purchase for their bachelor - masturbation toy show - lesbian show whatever you are offering and then ask who would like to buy this for their bachelor - I would set my price by the number of guest instead of saying a large number - for example - to buy my masturbatio9n show for your bachelor it will be 5.00 each - dont you want to do this for your bachelor - 30 guys so 150.0 instead of sitting there asking for 150.00 - ( just an example -use any amount that works for you ) then you can go around and collect - I preferred the driver to stay in the background and not interact at all unless there was a problem - sell my own shows and collect my own money

Just my 2 cents and what worked for me

05-20-2013, 09:49 AM
I simply wouldn't show up to a bachelor party in jeans and sneakers. I always wear a sexy dress or skirt and some sort of heels. Professional and sexy, so I show up already looking desirable. Think about it from a business standpoint! You want the guys to want you as soon as you walk through the door. It builds the anticipation while they wait for you to get dressed and start the show. I think showing up in something sexy is very important.

As for putting ideas into the guys' heads before the show, that's what my driver does. My guy friend is my driver and security during the parties. He also handles most of the bookings. During the bookings he explains what they are paying for, and includes options for more things they can buy (most lucrative is the toy show. We usually can charge $300 a girl, the least I've ever done a toy show for is $200 and that's because there were 3 of us so it was $600 all together). I don't know if you are willing to do the toy shows or not. When I first started I didn't do them but my mind changed after the first party. My duo partner was really classy but still did toy shows and I realized it's a great addition to the show... If I have 2 parties in a night and sell a toy show at each party, I'm probably looking at an extra $500 to $600 dollars in that night. Toy shows are usually easy to sell, especially if you talk to them about it before hand.

What types of games do you do at parties? Do you give private dances as well? At the parties I do we do our "duo show" which includes dancing for the bachelor, spanking him while his friends throw money, a fake lesbian show, etc. Then we do other things to get money like 20/20 pick-ups (another good money maker), then we try to sell our toy show. After that the "show" is over and we go around getting guys to buy private dances until the money dries up.

05-20-2013, 12:23 PM
Thank you Nina - very well put - I never seem to get what is in my head to translate well into writing - other than the driver thing our party protocol seems very similar - I hope this helps

05-20-2013, 01:00 PM
If you're going to ANY bachelor party (whether it is to work or not), I would think a button down, slacks, and nice shoes are a MUST so why the stripper for the show is coming in jeans and sneakers is beyond me. She should be wearing something sexy!

05-20-2013, 01:02 PM
Thank you for all your input so far, i greatly appricate it, i will discuse the ideas with her. I will let u guys know how it goes. :)