View Full Version : What are the best cities to dance in, and what's the money like?

06-05-2013, 06:53 PM
Good point. I'll think of some more specific questions and repost. Thanks! (I'm in the Bay Area.)

shanna dior
06-05-2013, 07:03 PM
Anywhere that you can consistently make a grand is a club worth staying at, I think. It doesn't really get much better than that nowadays! What city are you in?

06-05-2013, 07:04 PM
wow, you sound very inexperienced. i advise that you read at least 200 (not exaggerating) threads in club chat, stripping general, etc and then ask SPECIFIC questions about which city you want to work in. no one is going to spoon feed you here, especially without contributing yourself

maybe start by where YOU work at??

06-10-2013, 09:08 AM
Get out of the Bay Area. And then California, for starters. If you want to make good money.