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06-06-2013, 05:05 PM
Hello StripperWeb!

I've been following the forums for a bit now and I was curious what you thought the best/worst practices were here in Industry Insights. I'm thinking about threads where people starting a company ask for advice/insight. I'll start off with some "Best" and "Worst" things I've seen reading through the various threads, and I'd love for you guys to update it with what you think. I know it would be valuable for me and hopefully would help future businesses looking to StripperWeb for insight.

Worst Practices
1. Do not assume models are dumber than you - trying to hide exploitative things in terms of service or obscure places WILL get found out and you WILL get called on it.

2. Do not expect something for nothing - you are asking for market research, to get this you must be willing to endure dismissive comments that reject your concept without evaluating it in-depth. Even that kind of a response is valuable, because someone has spent time commenting on your thread. No one has to respond to you, all responses should be appreciated.

3. Do not lie - do not mis-represent yourself (for example pretending to be female if you are male, or pretending to be a model if you are not).

Best Practices
1. Avoid assumptions - don't assume that all models should be a particular body type, or in general any assumption that pre-judges.

2. Be a zen master - be kind to EVERYONE who responds, regardless of how aggressive they sound or whether you answered their question in a previous post. Patience and courtesy will earn you a positive reputation and be noticed by all eventually.

3. Understand knowledge differences - someone might question your motives because they assume you are withholding something that seems easy to deliver, when in fact you are unable to deliver it because of a technical hurdle they might not be aware of. Patiently explain your reasoning and ask how the process can be improved.

4. Appreciate trust - know your place as a new-comer. Models have to deal with tons of bullshit from many people trying to scam them. Initially you are likely to be met with distrust. Trust takes time and work to earn, as it SHOULD because in this industry models HAVE to read between the lines or end up getting taken advantage of. Remember, this is an industry where the majority of a revenue a model's cam time (for example) generates can be taken by the camsite, while she's the one who is actually doing the performing.

That's all I can think of for now, let me know what you come up with and I will add them to this list, thanks!

06-09-2013, 02:28 PM
@Nikki_Fox, thanks for the thanks!

This thread has 50 views now, but zero responses so far. Since no one is disagreeing with the suggestions above I suppose that means about 50 of you think they are good ideas, which is wonderful!

I'd love to get some more explicit feedback. If you think what you see is good and don't have anything to add to it, let me know. If you have a suggestion, of course, please make it!


06-09-2013, 11:45 PM
You got it down very well sounds like.