View Full Version : Traffic in C4S stores

08-16-2013, 12:35 PM
Obviously traffic is an important factor in being successful. Right now I'm averaging 80 hits a day with 2 uploads a day. It has been increasing since I started getting back into the store. I started the week with only 9 hits for the ENTIRE day. I have my twitter, so I'm using the hashtags and stuff. I also just started a tumblr in hopes of gaining some viewers from there. A customer has left feedback with things he would like to see, so I'm going to try those when I film on Sunday and Monday. (Only time kids are out of house) The category my clips that have sold in I can't make right now. (Breastmilk category) so I have been posting in a variety of categories until other videos start selling. Hopefully I find something soon.

Do other ladies here find that sticking with one single category helps traffic? Anyone else want to share their average hits to how many uploads they do?

I like threads like this because it gives me an idea of what to aim for. It keeps me going!

08-19-2013, 07:35 PM
So in the last few days I have found some of my answers. I've been getting More hits with the constant uploading. I've noticed more people have been coming in through having my store bookmarked too. I'm also finding which categories are more popular than others. While I won't specifically make a clip for the lotion category anymore, if it's a part to a longer video I can edit it and put it up since I'm filming it anyway. Finding your 'niche' is important though. I'm starting to find mine and it's great. As long as I have that one niche category going up each day it's ok if my 2nd video isn't as popular.

08-20-2013, 08:37 PM
I like to hit a variety of categories. It can be extremely frustrating until you find the category you sell best in, so I suggest trying more categories often. If you sell one, make a similar one, and so on. Good job on getting promotion started, and good luck!