View Full Version : Offer Webcam PPM Chat from your own official website

08-22-2013, 05:17 AM
Start offering webcam services directly on your website.

Have you ever wanted to offer webcam services through your own website? Up until now it's not been possible. In the past you would have signed up to a webcam site with thousands of other performers. Also most sites take up to 70% of your income leaving you with very little.

Webstream has changed all that. With a simple bit of code you can start offering pay per minute webcam services directly from your own website and keep 60% of your webcam earnings.

We handle all the credit card processing and provide you with a detailed account of all payments made by clients, when they were logged into your webcam show and how long they spent watching.

All commission can be paid by cheque or bank transfer on a weekly basis. For more information and to sign up now visit