View Full Version : Making clips with a Mac and Logitech Cam

09-10-2013, 08:11 AM
Ok, I'm not very technical but will try to explain how I make clips w a Macbook Pro using Logitech cam footage. My Macbook is OS X with Lion.

I use the Logitech cam to capture the footage, choose the resolution and settings I want and start video-ing. Once I have all the scenes I want in the clip or for the day, it goes ahead and saves the footage in Logitech Movies. Close the cam software.

Then I open Imovie, and create a New Project, name it whatever I want the clip to be called. Keep in mind, usually the guy buying it can see this too so don't name it, Clip4Jerk unless applicable for the fetish. Also create a New Event, name it the same thing Under File: Import go to Movies, and it gives you the option to import your Logitech footage, which is saved by the date.

Import all that to the event, and edit and save to the New project from there. When I save it in IMovie, it gives some options for saving including as mov. or mpeg4. Mine saves the mpegs very crappily, the clips come out better if I save them as an mov. Then, I convert the clip using conversion software to different formats that sell better.

The conversion software I use is ISkysoft, which I bought because it was easy to use and I liked the free version but the huge watermark was annoying. There are threads that recomend other software to check out too.

There may be more straightforward ways to do this, and it would be great if someone who knows posts. I know I can't go back to Windows after using a Mac. I tried, but ended up firing up the Mac to start doing things while the Windows was still loading.

09-11-2013, 05:45 AM
Thank you! But when you say you use the Logitech software to capture the footage, you're doing that in OS X? Because as far as I knew, I couldn't get Logitech software for anything other than windows. I have a C920.

09-11-2013, 06:14 AM
I have a different Logitech then you, but have read that the C920 will work with on the Mac OS, it just won't have all the features it does on Windows. Have you tried plugging it in while not doing the parallel and see what happens? It took a bit for mine to recognize the cam, I restarted the laptop and then it was fine.

09-11-2013, 09:37 AM
Ah. That is the problem. I probably didn't explain this very well, but I can't do video capture with the c920 on OSX. There is no software for it from Logitech. The c910 software they made doesn't work with this cam. I don't have any issue getting OSX to recognize the cam, just trying to find something that will let me do video capture in OSX for now. Oh well! Guess I'll just keep using windows. Thanks for the conversion software recommendation, too! I checked it out and I think I like it more than what I was using.