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10-01-2013, 09:47 AM
Have any of you ladies had experiences working with Plumper Pass? I already discussed it with Sam but would love to hear other experiences.

Even if you haven't worked with PP, has anyone here worked in the porn industry? What are some pros/cons? I've tried searching the forum but it wasn't too helpful and we all know how biased porn articles are on the internet so.. :x

10-12-2013, 07:41 AM
I haven't worked for them but I have been in the porn biz for years. Honestly, right now I would be very careful if you chose to enter this world of adult performing. I'm sure you know about the recent HIV cases and the guy who had Hep C and was working anyway. Things are not at all what they used to be, the money isn't nearly as good and while there is STD testing, they don't test for herpes or HPV which many many people have. I consider myself extremely lucky to have never gotten anything but you have to understand and accept that it's the risk you will take.

What are the reasons you are thinking about doing porn? If it's for the money, just know that yeah, you might make very good money on the day/days of your shoots but there isn't any residual payments or anything like that. It may help to get your name out there and help with camming etc if that's what you do. And you need to understand that people that you know WILL end up seeing your scenes at one time or another and you could face some backlash from that.

I myself truly enjoy performing and love fucking on camera. However, I am taking a big step back right now, the recent HIV scare was frightening to say the least. It's a reminder that it can happen to anyone at anytime, even if you do one or two scenes. I hope more companies become condom friendly but condoms still don't always prevent things like Herpes, HPV and Syphilis.

I don't want to tell anyone what to do or how to run their lives but I can't say that I would encourage anyone to enter this business right now. I come from the days when the money was awesome, I made 2K per day just doing soft core solo stuff sometimes and now some new girls are doing gang bangs for $700.

10-12-2013, 08:52 AM
PP has NO problem with the talent requiring condoms on set. Though a full panel test of Hiv & stds are required whether you use condoms or NOt.

Condoms are a choice, you just need to let them know when booking you.


10-12-2013, 09:57 AM
Thak you both. :) I thought it over for a while and decided against it.

01-08-2014, 12:50 PM
How does someone even go about getting their foot in the door with plumperpass?

01-12-2014, 03:59 PM
Simple, just tweet him @plumperpass