View Full Version : **Skin on Streamate network openly advertising harassment of cam girls! (w/ PROOF)**

Joe Redban
01-02-2014, 09:57 PM
In the short time I've been camming, I have made some good friends in this industry, and have learned to appreciate the freedom such a pursuit can bring. However, I can't deny that there are also unscrupulous parties at every turn that are constantly looking for new ways to exploit us. I was saddened tonight to find yet another example of exploitation at 4chan (dot) org. I occasionally visit this site for advice due to it's high number of experts on anonymity, but after tonight, I no longer want anything to do with them, nor the associated advertiser.

Here is the banner ad I saw on 4Chan, entitled "Troll a Cam Girl!":

Clicking on this banner brings you to this page:

Image too large for forum posting, Click here for Screenshot (1) (http://www.anony.ws/i/2014/01/03/dlMLE.jpg)

Notice anything interesting? How about the fact that you can chat, but there is NO Tip button! They are intentionally creating an environment that promotes trolling/harassment of cam models with no option to tip even if they want to.

So who is behind all of this? I noticed at the top of the page, it says "Powered by LiveFreeFun.com", so I decided to check it out. Well, it turns out LFF is a skin on the Streamate network, which you can see in the linked screenshot below:

SCREENSHOT (http://www.anony.ws/i/2014/01/03/EIzp5.jpg)(2)

By starting this thread, it is not my intention to blame Streamate for this; they have so many skins on their network, it's probably impossible for them to monitor all of their network sites. I just want LFF to be exposed an make cam models aware of what is going on. If anyone knows of a Streamate rep here on the site, please PM them and bring this thread to their attention. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if a female member could post a similar thread or link to this thread in the Camming Connection forum for me. Anyone that works on Streamate has a right to know what's happening, and a lot more will be exposed to this information in the CC forum.

PLEASE NOTE: I didn't post any links to 4Chan for a reason. The site webmasters have programs that will show them all the sites that linked to them. If I had posted the direct link and they find this thread, there is a possibility a coordinated attack/trolling may be used against myself or others who post in this thread. This has happened numerous times over the years. I just want to take every precaution while bringing this issue to light. That said, please DO NOT post any links to the 4chan website.

01-02-2014, 10:55 PM
Yeah affiliate marketing is often very offensive. Unfortunately the market is so competetive they will stop at nothing to get signups.

By the way, it does appear to be a skin but it isn't. You can not actually chat to the model at all.

Go directly to that url and you can see that the one without a tip button is just an affiliate as that when you click and try to chat it takes you directly to a real streamate chat room which then is just like any other one complete with tip button. Pretty tricky.

Same crap to me as where they promote us as sluts that are so desperate that we will meet them for sex, lol. There are some who fall for it but eventually most guys figure out it's a cam site and some will actually spend.

Joe Redban
01-02-2014, 11:24 PM
Laurie, you bring up a good point, I have overlooked the possibility that this may just be a shady affiliate working for LFF. So to investigate, I did a test signup with a throwaway email and on the account creation confirmation screen checked the URL, but didn't see anything alluding to this like "campaign_id" or "username=". The I checked the raw HTML of the SR page to see if the embedded stream had an affiliate redirect URL; I may have just overlooked something but I didn't see one. The WhoIs is of course private as well, so yes, you may be right, it could just be an affiliate doing this on their own, but I couldn't find proof of this, so we shouldn't rule out the original post just yet.

I emailed SM about this, so hopefully regardless of who is responsible, this will be dealt with.

01-03-2014, 02:42 AM
Fuck 4chan.

It's the perfect place for people utterly devoid of any social responsibility to seek revenge for the most trivial of imagined slights, such as disagreeing in an open forum.

PM me Joe, if you think one of these fucking LooneyTunes has used that sanctum of shit to malign you in any way.

01-07-2014, 07:05 PM
Those are just affiliate sign up portals. I see those all the time on free porn sites. You click a link and one of those windows opens in the background. They are all really good at hiding their affiliate id and usually just drop a cookie in your browser instead of using custom urls