View Full Version : Night Shift Babysitter in Tampa, Florida

01-11-2014, 12:25 AM
Loving family home with childcare experience spanning 30 years. Daily prepay so no need to worry about weekly payments or contracts or how to pay the babysitter if you had a bad night! There are two of us so we’re completely flexible on hours and schedules.

We tailor the experience to your child’s interests, age level and abilities (although fun is fun, regardless of age!) Most children like games, stories, crafty activities, love, hugs, cuddles and fun…if your child(ren) do, they’ll fit in here!

Reasonable rates, flexible hours and loving care…just what you and your kids need! Plus the warmth and understanding of someone who understands the industry you’re in and the challenges that come with it! I also make and sell dance costumes and jewelry too and have access to excellent hair, makeup and massage services.

Conveniently located close to freeways and near several clubs including Déjà vu, Emporer’s, Gold Club, Scarlett’s, Skin Tampa and Playpen.

Call or text Janet at 727-278-3245 or send me a message here on Stripperweb!