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02-25-2014, 04:40 AM
from Simon Black at

(snip)"World governments agree to automatic information sharing

Over the weekend in yet another cushy five-star hotel, representatives from this unelected supranational bureaucracy announced plans for world governments to exchange all their citizens’ tax and financial data with one another.

The 34 members states of the OECD are enthusiastically supporting this measure. And it constitutes the end of whatever remains of financial privacy.

The premise behind the OECD’s destructive pipedream is, as usual, to stamp out ‘tax evasion’. But this is a misnomer to being with.

Just about every multinational company out there employs strategies to reduce their current tax liabilities that are perfectly legitimate based on existing tax laws.

This is why companies like Google and Apple famously earn billions in profits but pay almost no tax. They’re vilified. But it’s legal.

These companies have shareholders from all over the world. And their solemn responsibility is to maximize shareholder value… not maximize the amount of funds that politicians in a single jurisdiction get to blow on wars and welfare.

There are also isolated individuals who are sitting on undeclared income stashed away in an overseas bank somewhere. But the aggregate amount is tiny compared to the $60+ billion that Microsoft alone has stashed away overseas, untaxed.

You’d think they’d get at the root cause of the problem and try becoming more competitive… lowering tax rates and streamlining government operations (shocker!)

But no. Instead they resort to even more Draconian tactics to lord over private citizens’ financial records and unilaterally set aside long-standing international treaties.

It’s a pathetic display of exactly the sort of tactics that governments embrace when they go broke. And most of these OECD countries ARE broke– Italy, Japan, the US, Spain, Greece, etc.

So what we have now are a bunch of bankrupt member states who think that they are helping the other bankrupt member states raise revenue by terrorizing citizens"(snip)

Obviously, expat advocate Simon Black has some strong opinions. However, the news he brings is fairly serious.

For camgirls living in Eurozone / OECD countries ... as is already the case for the 'foreign' incomes of US citizen camgirls having payments from 'foreign' webcam hosts automatically reported to the US gov't / IRS ... it is now likely that future year payments from 'foreign' webcam hosts in Eurozone / OECD countries will similarly be reported to the tax agency in your own Eurozone / OECD home country !!!

It's also possible that the mechanisms being set up under this initiative will also result in the 'official' reporting of strip club payments too.

Current OECD member countries are ...


Additionally, Brussels is bringing pressure to bear to include non-OECD member Eurozone countries into this information sharing agreement as well. This will bring additional countries like CYPRUS into the agreement.

02-25-2014, 08:13 AM
Mainstream financial media confirms ... from

(snip)"Group-of-20 nations agreed to implement a global standard for automatically exchanging information between tax authorities by the end of 2015, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said.

The endorsement is a step toward putting an end to “banking secrecy as we know it,” Pascal Saint-Amans, director of the OECD’s center for tax policy and administration, told reporters today in Sydney, where G-20 finance ministers and central bankers are meeting.

A decision on the technology needed and detailed rules on how governments will swap tax data is likely to be made at a G-20 meeting in September, he said. The new standard would see countries automatically exchange information gathered from their financial institutions.

The OECD, supported by 34 member countries including the U.S., U.K., Germany and Japan, is working on plans for a global exchange of information to crack down on tax-avoidance strategies used by companies such as Google Inc., Apple Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. While the group doesn’t have figures to calculate the total cost of overseas tax avoidance, the British Virgin Islands was one of the top five investors in Russia and China, Saint-Amans said. The accumulated profit of U.S. companies held offshore was $2 trillion, he said.

Change Rules

“The political message is that we will be closing down all the loopholes,” he said. “What multinationals are doing is legal. If it’s legal and you don’t like the outcome, you need to change the rules.”

Global tax rules currently aren’t fit for the 21st century, U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said today in an interview on Channel 7 in Sydney.

“If we can come up with common rules that we all sign up to then these companies are going to have to operate within these rules,” Osborne said."(snip)

While the stated 'targets' of this automatic reporting are supposedly multinational corporations like Apple, Google etc., the same reporting rules will also affect smaller businesses making 'foreign' payments and the bank accounts of regular citizens living in OECD / Eurozone countries. The timetable for implementation is shooting for next year.

03-16-2014, 01:04 PM
Thank you for this post :)
unfortunatly i don't speak english enough fluently to understand everything :/
At this moment streamate decided to stop international payment , so europeans girls have to deal with

03-19-2014, 10:03 PM
unfortunatly i don't speak english enough fluently to understand everything :

And I don't speak 'government-ese' enough to be sure what this really means either.

In general, it appears to mean that by next year every OECD member gov't tax agency will start receiving 'automatic reports' of payments being made to citizens residing in that OECD country by businesses located in any other OECD country. As is already the case for US citizens receiving payments from non-US based businesses ( i.e. webcam hosts ), this 'automatic reporting' of foreign incomes will in turn make it extremely difficult for OECD country residents to avoid being fully taxed on that foreign income.

03-21-2014, 04:05 PM
oh ok i get it now !
that's not really a surprise
I'll moooove from France there is a LOT of taxes lol

But what about the website like freelancer.com or fiverr.com ,
these website will report the freelancers workers too ?
Or guys who selling on ebay.com amazon ect...

If we are not rich ,then the world will become i prison :(

03-22-2014, 05:20 AM
But what about the website like freelancer.com or fiverr.com ,
these website will report the freelancers workers too ?
Or guys who selling on ebay.com amazon ect...

By one means or another, all of these involve the transfer of funds from one OECD or Eurozone country across the border to another OECD or Eurozone country. If implemented as proposed, this will result in an automatic report being made to the recipient's country of residence that she has received X dollars worth of 'foreign' income. However, unlike the existing situation with the actual paying companies issuing automatic payment reports to the US gov't for payments made to US citizens, the proposed OECD automatic reporting would be gov't to gov't ( probably via cross-border bank transaction reporting ) rather than directly by the paying company to gov't.