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02-07-2015, 12:39 PM

02-07-2015, 01:01 PM
Can you "innocently" ask to see the lady's facebook page "to see if she's really that ugly"? That way you can secretly memorize her face & name...if he pulls it up on your phone the data mining system will make a link to her page anyways once you click on it once. Then contact a detective.

Don't make him suspicious. I bet he met her on the internet & this lady is a pro grifter. Honestly the detective will have better tactics to handle this...if you get in the middle you may be in danger. Murder over issues like this is not an uncommon event.

02-07-2015, 03:19 PM
Yeah with so many sick pervs out there if your gut is telling you something then it could be possible he's a real perv. Plus I am weird about little kids sitting in mens laps I don't think they should allow this especially in the center of their lap like not their thigh but the middle where their penis is.

02-07-2015, 04:00 PM
well most men are not pedophiles and should not automatically be thought of suspiciously for having a kid on their laps, but THIS particular guy seems like a sketch ball esp if your gut is telling you something. try and get her name and call child protective services or something, they have to at least check it out.

02-08-2015, 02:11 PM
I agree with you Simone, that a child simply crawling up a lap of a man can be innocent, but as you stated, he definitely seems extremely sketchy to me. Been suspicious of him for quite a while but this just made it worse. I saw this thing on the Steve Wilkos show where a women was arrested and had her child taken away after chatting online with an undercover cop. She negotiated services and prices with him; offering things like child pornography photo shoots even brought a bag of sex toys the day of the arrest. What's worse is that she offered to join in the shoot as well as a threesome involving her, the daughter and the cop; where she would perform foreplay acts on the child and allow for the man to do so as well, poor girl was only 3 years old I believe. The internet has opened a new window of underground market opportunities for pedophiles.

I think the lady is doing something similar because although I don't have children, I met plenty of parents and all of them would not bring their child around in a first date/meeting/hang out/ or whatever the hell they have going on. And only introducing the child to the partner after the relationship gets serious and it feels safe to do so. From what he described, the relationship doesn't seem serious. Also, it's sketchy that he mentioned that she's using the kid to get money from him and followed by the crawling on the lap. There's clearly something he's not telling me. Sick fuck...

I work this Saturday and I'll do what SnuffleUffleGrass suggested and do the let me see the Facebook "to see if she's ugly" approach on the phone. At least I can get the name and a mental image of the picture if he decides to do it on his phone. I can just call CPS and explain to them the situation. Im just bitter about the fact I can't do anything to help sooner but help is on the way, I just hope the little girl is okay. I will keep u girls updated...thanks!