View Full Version : A thank you to my fellow customers

03-09-2015, 07:58 PM
A girl that looks so-so, has no real dance moves, and certainly had one drink too many, is on the stage. I go up to the bar to refresh my drink and this really cute dancer goes up on the stage. Besides being very cute, she is doing some really neat pole tricks. But are you guys at the tip rail putting any money down? No your not. Your too busy having your backs turned to the stage trying to harass the first dancer. So I tip, a lot, because I have a thing for girls that can dance and use the pole. Finally when she almost done with her set you guys turn back around to the stage and one of you finally puts down a tip, of a whole $2 dollars. If guys think she didn't notice your wrong. When she comes off the stage, she ignores your cat calls and comes over to me. I take her back to VIP and get some of the most skillful lap/air dancing, really sexy/sensual stuff. We also talked for a little bit, which was nice as well. After a bit we realize the bouncer hasn't come back to tell us time is up. So we walk out she sees you guys still out there and pushes me back into the room and we spend a few more minutes back there even though the DJ is calling her for her next set. After he calls up another dancer we walk back out. You guys have finally left. I see the bouncer and ask what I owe for the extra time, he tells me nothing. He wasn't going to come and get her while you cheapskate assholes were still there.

So thank you for making me seem like a nice guy without even having to try. I had really nice time thanks to your lack of manners and it was 25% cheaper than normal because I only had to pay the dancer for her time and her tip without having to pay for the room as well. So thanks again for being such boors.