View Full Version : PDX bodyrub girls: pimp ALERT!

06-11-2015, 03:01 AM
Ladies of the Portland, OR area:

I have a very important note of caution to those of you in the city who are currently, or considering, working as a bodyrub girl.

When I first started working as an FBSM provider, with another friend whom I can reference, I came across a Craigslist ad offering help becoming a bodyrub girl. Upon contacting the person who had posted the ad, we were called back almost immediately by a very nice sounding man who was respectful, reassuring, and spoke eloquently. By the end of the call, we had arranged to meet this man at The Monaco, a hotel he was staying at for the night while visiting Portland. Upon arriving to the hotel for our meeting, we spent about 20 minutes trying to reach the man by calling and texting him from both of our phones. My friend and I waited in the lobby of the hotel, expecting an older male to call. We started to think the whole thing was some kind of hoax, until a middle aged black man walked out from the hallway in front of us, appearing to look for someone. I was a bit surprised when he pulled out his cell phone to call someone and my phone rang. I was expecting an older white male for some reason. He introduced himself as "AJ", though I am really not sure whether or not that is his name, or even related. After getting a drink from the open bar in the lobby, he ushered us up to his hotel room, where we sat and talked. I was a bit wary of meeting this man in a private setting, but he made me feel reassured somehow.

He explained to us that he is a successful man, owning many businesses with many different endeavors. He described a bit about the bodyrub industry, and how successful his girls have been, making anywhere from $1000 to $5000 a week. After giving us some general information, he proceeded to tell us that "his girls" had all their appointments booked for them by phone girls in an office in Sacramento (who also wrote ads), and that he would be taking half of whatever we made, but also covering half of the expenses for our hotel or studio rental. We would be making a "drop" after each workday (sending a MoneyGram to a random collector, never AJ himself) of all our earnings for the day. He assured us that all clients were carefully screened, and that he was going to do our best to assure our safety (come to find out later from a couple of the clients that there was no screening process whatsoever). He then proceeded to tell us that it was expected, though not mandatory, that we give HJs or do more during the session if we wanted to make any money. He finally assured us that, if we ever no longer wanted to be a part of the business, that all we had to do was tell him, or simply not make the day's drop, and there would be no angry calls or questions asked. He never made us sign any sort of contract, thank god.

Now, I do understand that there are potentially all things that an agency would say, and we figured that as well after a bit of research, so we tried it (though we later identified some red flags). We sat in the hotel rooms we booked from 10am to 7pm, waiting for AJ to call us and tell us we had an appointment coming up. The man would knock on the door, we would collect the money and text AJ to tell him our appointment was there. We would do the bodyrub, though neither my friend or I were comfortable with more than that, the man would leave, and we would text AJ to tell us we were finished. AJ was always very kind. He called us pet names and congratulated us on even the least lucrative of days.

During the week we worked for AJ, my friend and I did a bit of research indy girls and determined that it was silly of us to work for an agency anyways. We were doubting our morals with the entire setup at the time, I think. So, come Friday of the first week, my friend (who actually was advertised under this "Kaitlyn" name at the time) decided to quit. She called AJ to let him know she would be going on her way. He then proceeded to threaten her and expose her to her family, who she was adamant about keeping the secret from. He threatened to use her real name and pictures on ads on Backpage. He yelled and cussed at her. Upon hearing this, I was shocked, as AJ seemed like such a nice guy. However, I needed the money at the time, so I planned to work another week.

At some point during that work week, I got sick and called AJ to see if I could take the morning off and see if I felt any better. He replied with things like "you're losing me money" and "it's just an excuse". He had a foul attitude about it, and the way he spoke to me was verging on vicious. However, at the end of the conversation, he agreed to let me take the day off, though he was "not happy at all" and "extremely displeased". The next day he called me for my first appointment like nothing had happened. Back to the pet names and reassurance that the day would be lucrative "for us".

Friday of that week, I did exactly the thing he said he would never even ask questions about, and deleted his number after the drop. He texted me the next workweek, but I never replied. Eventually, he left me alone. My friend and I (former dancers) went back to dancing for a couple weeks until it came time for me to go on vacation. I needed money, and wanted to know what it would be like to work indy as a bodyrub girl. So, I posted an ad on Backpage to do some sessions by myself. It ended up going well, and I was pleased with the results and the clientele I had managed to turn into regulars within the previous two weeks of working.

Low and behold, after my first day of working, I received a text from AJ's number saying that I was "disrespecting him" and "trying to compete with him". He threatened to expose me, though I told him I didn't care at all. My family knows that I work in the adult industry, as do the other people in my life. He threatened to post an ad on Backpage every single day with my real name and number (though it was worded very dramatically like "I will post an ad on Backpage every single day with your phone number and your real name...*my name*"). After telling him that I didn't understand how a busy businessman like himself would want to waste time or money with blackmail (I am a bit of a spitfire with a short fuse that goes off immediately after being disrespected), he told me that he would make it "very hard for me to work in this business" and that he was "expanding in Portland". I don't remember exactly how the conversation ended, but that was that.

I now see that he is attempting to copy parts of my ads. I offer something called an "executive package" that I came up with to provide clients with a combination of my different sessions, and some perks with no extra donation. He is offering this same package for a significant amount more than I advertised. However, I am not impressed with him copying my ads, as it is petty. Throughout all of this, I will say that his threats have intimidated my roommate and I, though we have recently taken measures to ensure our safety. We feel we have every right to participate in the industry without being endangered or jeopardized.

If any of you ladies happen to come across this man, DO NOT TRUST HIM. I feel so sorry for the poor girls working for him that have no idea who he really is. Thanks for reading.