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Web site

No mining. Proof of Consensus algorithm ().
Digital currency for hardware, Internet of Things and M2M.
Instant transactions, transaction time is under 1 second.
Zero pre-mine. Coin forging starts in June 2015.
Written from scratch in C, C++ and NodeJs.
Smart Contracts.
Open source.

According to Atmel, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2020 and we aim to target this market.

Our first application
GadgetNet - Peer to peer Video Streaming

Handling video streaming IoT devices and web-cams for adult entertainment and gaming broadcasters

Our first partner using the GadgetNet technology is

Watch our introductory video!

The 10 Hour Video Commission Right Contract (VICR10) is an investment product for angel investors. We are immensely grateful for the financial support of our angel investors. Their support helps to speed up the business development of our main sites and . With the angel investment from the VICR contracts we can be more aggressive on the market, setup live shows for well-established web-cam studios and start advertising campaigns to promote the jizzmo and streemo brands.

Our angel investors can purchase VICR contracts directly from the GadgetCoin wallet at wallet.gadgetcoin.org.

HTML5 Light Wallet

A VICR contract

The VICR contract costs US$ 30.00.

By buying the contract the contract owner receives 90 Ores and consequently will be able to forge GadgetCoins. The 90 GadgetCoins will be sold to the broadcasters during the cash out process. Since the broadcasters must pay the network fee in GadgetCoin it is guaranteed the GadgetCoin will be purchased from the VICR contract owners for a U$ 1 per GDC price.
Provides the contract owner (the angel investor) with 5% commission over 10 hours video streaming revenue. The 5% network fee that broadcasters are normally required to pay to the network will instead be allocated to the VICR contract owners for the duration of 10 hours as video streaming revenue.
Is an A class contract, which means its execution takes precedence over any other commission the VICR contract is the first in line when the GadgetNet system allocates the commissions
The video streaming revenue is based on US$ 3.00 per minute rate which means the contract receives 5% commission after 600 minutes (10 hours). This equals US 90.00 revenue

When is the US$ 90.00 payoff considered complete?

It depends on the number of broadcasters on the jizzmo.net site. We plan to sign up at least 500 models in the first 6 months of operation. Since there are limited number of VICR contracts to be sold, If 500 models broadcast then the VICR contracts can be completed in one month from the date when the 500 models are active.

This agreement is beneficial for both parties. Using the angel investment money we can speed up the network development and our angel investors can realize a 300% profit within a relatively short time.

The main risk is the question of whether or not we can attract 500 models to the jizzmo.net brand from existing sites such as LiveJasmin and MyFeeWebcams? Worldwide there are an estimated 40,000 active models and since our platform pays 95% to the models, an unprecedented amount in the industry we believe that we can.


Development Update

We are rolling out the peer to peer live video streaming application on the GadgetNet network. is built on the GadgetNet P2P live streaming technology.

What is streemo?
In a nutshell, streemo is an open source alternative to commercial live streaming services such as Ustream or the hosted Wowza service.

We believe there are three main issues with hosted live video streaming

1) Cost. Using a commercial hosting service the license fee for a university costs at least US$ 10,000 a year.
2) Security and privacy. Using a central server all data goes through the provider. The providers claim the stream is encrypted, but since their application is closed source no one can verify what level of security is applied nor guarantee the privacy of the participants. If you stream for instance a board meeting on the network of popular service providers, you dont know who is monitoring the video session and accessing your corporate data.
3) Scalability. To stream a football game to 1 million viewers its not really feasible using the centralized current infrastructure. We believe our P2P streaming application can manage large audience live streaming. In fact, just like on the torrent network, more peers and more viewers increases network stability.

There is one more important use case for the P2P live video streaming: secure live video chat. Currently the video chat is running through centralized providers like Skype or Viber. Again, there is no guarantee that only the chat users can access the stream. An investigative journalist cannot use those services. Neither can whistle blowers, nor human right activists living under the control of totalitarian regimes without taking the probably unwise risk of exposing themselves to unwanted eyes. The encrypted peer to peer GadgetNet video chat that runs on I2P network is the perfect environment for a secure and virtually untraceable video chat.

Where we are with the application?
We are curently testing and wiring it up to GadgetNet. The plan is to roll the first working prototype out in the next few weeks at . This will be a centralized place for gamers, universities, conferences and all other users to promote their live video shows, but users can still run the P2P application without this centralized service.

Is technical support available for commercial users?
Yes, we will offer technical support for US$ 99 per month for 10,000 viewer hours to make sure your streaming infrastructure is in good shape. This is a more than a 90% saving on the Ustream US$ 999 per month for 5,000 viewer hours price.


Only a handful of VICR10 contracts remain available. Get in on the ground floor before this limited offering runs out.

07-10-2015, 12:56 PM
Ok after digging through this post and trying to figure out WTF it is, I found a cam site hiring models. Jizzmo.net

Where's the ToS and 2257 statement though? It took me forever to figure out how to view a model's profile (you gotta click on the little question mark after their name and a little bubble pops up). The profiles look kinda canned to me, and none of the category buttons work. There's no info on the "models wanted" page other than the payout percent and a link to create an account.

I think more info is needed about the actual cam site and how gadget net can work for us.

07-10-2015, 04:17 PM
Reply from the DEV Team:

We are based in Europe and an adult service provider who was interested in our blockchain technology approached us a few months ago. They asked whether is it possible to pay the models more than the industry average using our blockchain based streaming technology? Since our streaming technology supports all kinds of applications, as well as we understand how popular the adult web-cam theme is, we started to work on the jizzmo.net application. At this stage we are not sure how the adult service provider who approached us wants to proceed, but now that we have the technology, we can broadcast live web-cam shows and we would like to start the jizzmo.net service. There are a few East-European studios talking to us about signing up, but everything regarding the site and business development is still in the early stages. The technology and the site is operational (We are aware that there are improvements required in the sign up process and many other elements of the site, and we are working on it).

Please note, since we are software developers, and we know very little about the inner workings of the adult webcam business, ideally we would like to sell our VICR contracts to investors who understand the adult business and can help us to implement the best business model possible. We bring the technology to the table, and the VICR buyer brings some financial backing and expertise. (The reason for the VICR contract offering is to build an expert supporting community around GadgetNet and Jizzmo). We are committed to implementing a platform that pays models and studios 95% of the revenue. You can purchase a VICR contract for just $30. You can buy as many as you wish, up to the limit of the current offering. These VICR contracts will return 3x the investment, at minimum, in the long term. They could potentially return much more than that, as the currency itself will be trading openly on exchanges as well. We are seeking business partners to get in on the ground floor of this amazing opportunity.

With regard to the Terms of Service and 2257, jizzmo.net will start accepting registrations at the end of July, so those aren't finalized as yet. We are aware of those administrative details, and before finalizing them we seek the expert advice of the adult entertainment webcam community. We will be seeking models at the end of this month and onward. We also expect affiliate studios and recruiters to become more involved over the coming weeks. We are still building this platform, and adding to it every day. We will give regular updates. We would greatly value your input. You can contact us directly here:

[email protected]
([email protected])