View Full Version : Writing A New Play About The Sex Industry!

08-07-2015, 07:08 AM
I am currently lucky enough to announce that I am writing a new play which aims to humanise and raise awareness of the sex industry in all its forms. Being an ex-cammer myself, I want this piece to come from the heart an be an open, honest portrayal of the industry - from the very very best of the job to the worst. Now that I have been lucky enough for my career in writing to take off, I want to give something back to this community for supporting and guiding me when I was starting out as a cammer. I wish to do this with my creative ability by putting your stories, your voices, out there for people to hear.
Please feel free to comment ANYTHING you like/dislike about the industry, your weirdest or most enlightening stories, anything you think that people need to hear about. NOTHING is too vulgar, too honest or too strange! I garuntee that stories will be completely anonymous as default BUT if you would like a mention woven into the play itself please let me know in your comment and I would be more than happy to oblige :3 I'm based in Liverpool, UK so keep an eye out for something like this in the future if you're around!
Thank you :D
IvyRose xoxox