View Full Version : BitGold Update Read This as the other thread no longer applies

08-08-2015, 12:13 PM
It appears the skeptics were correct on this. Several accounts are missing about 78-80% of their commissions for referrals. They also changed the payouts effective immediately to 5CAD which is basically $3.81 give or take a few pennies. The Gold Heart Giveway seems to still work but it's on the 60 day redemption cycle and I honestly don't know if people will really be able to withdraw that gold when that time comes.

I'm disappointed and so is practically everyone in the affiliate groups. The only individuals that seems to receive all of their payout amounts were ones that had a referral count of 120 people or more so around 3k in referrals. Canadians also had no issues as they were also ( from my understanding ) paid for all of their referrals.

Another issue was phone/iphone/ android sign ups not crediting affiliate accts or any accts that were set up on the same computer (same ip) were not being counted.

They sent out comments about "fraud or missing information didn't covert" but the fact that so many people have the exact same percentage missing seems like this was one of those "project cut costs" and they just slashed commissions balances without any notice.

In the middle of all of this during payout period the site is now allowing you to order a BitGold Card. I found this strange since it appears that this card was available to Canadians for quite some time. Are people going to wait another 15 days so 2 months for pay that is wrong? No most affiliates have ordered the card but still selected wire transfer to get whatever is left out. They're also charging that lovely 1% on top of that.

From my view this was handled poorly. The whole "ooh people didn't complete their accts properly" wasn't really the fault of anyone but their own delayed information and poor structure. The fraud issues? I'm not buying that they had so many people out their signing up fake accounts.Is it possible? Of course but I didn't and neither did anyone that I referred. Most signed up their own families ,friends or people they knew.

So BitGold for now will be labelled a ponzi scheme or scam in my book. We'll see what happens when that 60 day free gold giveway referalls turn up. I have a feeling we'll see another wave of complaints as to those amount just disappearing or well you should have made a deposit.

Yes you were right another scam situation.