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Sinna (2pee4you)
12-08-2015, 06:43 AM
First of all, this was my first time hearing about or visiting engadget and I don't know violet blue. I am not a feminist either and don't think paypal is discriminating against women specifically. I just think it's the most complete article I have read on the issue of adult payments. So complete that I am actually surprised I could get paypal to unlock my account 2 years ago when they first locked it.

Now my account is locked again for receiving money for pants and shoes, which are neither obscene nor pornographic. Just my name on the receiving end make them an adult service I guess, violating paypal tos. It's a clear mistake but paypal won't unlock my account a second time, not even for another business, completely adult unrelated. They are more stubborn than *fill in the most stubborn thing you know*

The only thing the article doesn't cover is that Epoch, one of the biggest adult payment processors, has a deal with paypal and is actually processing payments for adult sites through paypal.

I wanted to leave a comment on the article, but my email could not be verified even after 5 attempts. I hope this article changes something. Not that paypal allows adult payments or restores accounts, but that someone else is stepping up and taking on all the adult billions waiting to be processed (like bitpay wants to, but people don't like cryptocurrency)

About the credit cards: I always knew that they accept adult material. Not all of it, but they are not to blame. I hate that big companies can just hide behind the diffusion of responsibility that all their managers and employees provide. "The company" does not exist and is never responsible. When you call paypal, you never reach paypal.

Here is the article:

02-12-2016, 11:37 AM
Thanks for the interesting read Sinna. I'm sorry you were blocked by PayPal. SO many people I know have had the same experience
Definitely a common issue. I'm in the process of launching a site and am at a cross-roads with what processing system to implement... Looks like Zombaio or the expensive CCBILL route. If anyone knows of any other options, I'd love to hear them!

02-12-2016, 12:21 PM
Even if they did allow billing of sex services I'd avoid it for the reasons a buyer could easily open and win a case settlement. (Had someone ask me for Paypal today..NOPE!) Once they lock your account, you can more than likely kiss it goodbye as well registering under the same IP. Used/unwashed pants, socks, bras, stockings or even gloves..anything sexually that is not connected with a 3rd party site like Amazon/Ebay or personal payment for goods as a gift or pvt outside sale, they will deactivate the account. It could had very well been the suspicion of the buyer who paid you, should they have a strike or history of paying for things against Paypal policy. I don't think Paypal will offer payroll/services in the industry anytime soon and if they do, I doubt they would take our side in claims.

Sinna (2pee4you)
02-13-2016, 06:47 PM
I don't expect to get my account unlocked.

I think zombaio does only member sites, as does epoch. And by the way, epoch is accepting paypal for adult sites, through the deal they have with paypal. So Paypal is basically "in the industry". On a side note, I do a lot of research and I find paypal as a payment or payroll processor on adult sites every. single. day. On big sites. On small sites. I don't know what the secret is, but it seems perfectly possible to use paypal if you keep X in mind. X is what I don't know. And I don't talk about secret paypal usage. It's like right there on the homepage, as if it were an ebay shop.

A host that exclusively hosts ADULT sites, can accept payment through paypal and send out payments through paypal. A girl receiving money for shoes is banned, because shoes could be used in a sex clip and THEN would be obscene. I don't even agree that shoes in themselves are obscene or pornographic, as long as they are not designed to look like genitalia. However, as even girls that just buy their private stuff, but happen to have worked in the adult industry, get banned by paypal out of the blue, I don't think it's possible to even argue with them. Oh, I tried by the way and no, it's not possible. Well, I got unlocked the first time, rightfully though as I just paid a graphic designer for non-adult work. But this time I was denied and my email addresses were blocked. Which wasn't very nice, because they asked me to send something, then I wrote an email, then it came back because I was blocked from the system. Thanks paypal.

I don't get it. It seems like there are, let's say 100 people at paypal, checking these things and 3 of them are total assholes banning everyone while the rest goes "I'll agree to process that".

Sadly, that company hosting the article never helped me with my login problems and the author didn't reply on twitter, so the topic is pretty much dead for me. I accept a life without paypal and hope someone else steps up. And I'll read the odd article about paypal being stupid to adult workers that appears every 3-5 years on some big site. Without anything ever coming from it.

02-14-2016, 10:53 AM
Paypal gave me a lifetime ban just for inquiring if we could use it for affiliate and model payroll for our business. We had never actually added that option to our site, nor even mentioned it to our models. They banned both the newly created business account and went ahead and banned the private one that I never actually used. The line we were handed when we wrote back was that the CC processing doesn't include high risk business transactions. The fact that we do payroll (and therefore is low risk) fell on deaf ears.

Then they lost a lawsuit last year (about 6 months ago I think). Right after that, they started spamming my email box about 1-2 times EVERY DAY trying to get our business back - and this kept up for about 3-4 months. Fuck them.

For banks, fuck Chase also (and BofA, but just because they're dirty). There are banks that have always been "adult friendly" and you'll quickly figure it out if you shop around. The whole impetus behind their stupidity was so they could keep scoring political points so their asses would be covered the next time they need a bailout.

02-24-2016, 07:00 PM
That's weird. I've purchased MFC tokens with paypal countless times before. It's an option through the Epoch processor.