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01-14-2016, 08:59 AM
howtobeasexymalestripper.tumblr.com (http://howtobeasexymalestripper.tumblr.com)

I wrote this blog recently. From the perspective of someone who likes seeing male strippers (and there are not enough of them... :( ) In case there are any male dancers here, or anyone interested in the topic.

I don't have any raw experience, with actually being a stripper -except just being a webcam girl. So if anyone knows more about the topic than me, feel free to share your info. Though, I think most people don't have much realistic input on how guys can look sexy, or perform as strippers and look sexy doing it. So I wrote my ideas on it-

And I think some unrealistic standards should be thrown out the window. For instance, male strippers shouldn't have to be muscular. They should be slender guys, too.

adviceformalestripclubs.tumblr.com (http://adviceformalestripclubs.tumblr.com)

A different blog I wrote, on advice for male strip club owners. Yeah, it was written after being inspired by a post on SW. I went off to write a few blogs recently, actually. And these were some of them.

01-22-2016, 12:51 PM
Your tumblr blog is more about how you like them to look. I'm not so picky about a male stripper's looks, I like him to have a good stage presence, incorporate humor into his routine and show creativity in costuming. I like it when the dance style matches the costuming. For instance, if the dancer is dressed like a soldier, he should do things like push ups or crawl along the floor on his belly/back (in a sexy way, of course) as if he were in an obstacle course as part of the routine.

I also like when the male dancers take a minute to build rapport before asking for a lap dance. If he is dressed like Christian Grey, he should take on the attitude of the fantasy when approaching customers. If he is dressed like a fireman or policeman, he should embody the "rescuer" fantasy. My personal favorite male stripper fantasy is the sexy nerd. If the stripper is wearing a sexy nerd costume but is aggressive in his approach to sell lap dances, it doesn't work. He needs to act a little clumsy to get the sale when sexy nerd is the fantasy.

I also agree that there needs to be more male strip clubs that cater to ladies. If only I had won the powerball...

01-22-2016, 03:47 PM
It is sort of about how I like them to look - however - if you look at how the strip club industry wants male strippers to look, their image is much worse. When almost all male dancers are overly muscular, for instance, then there's not enough variation for people who are not attracted to that - which is most people. The male strip club industry could probably do better, if they didn't keep their men looking like such a narrow image (and, honestly, an unappealing image.)

I felt that someone should offer a better idea of what makes guys sexy, and what makes male strippers sexy. So I wrote about it. No one else really writes about those things, so..

I think that's cool that you're not picky about male stripper's looks. But, notice the male strip club industry tends to not do very well. I don't think that's because people don't want to see guys naked. There is probably a percentage of people who, like you, aren't as visual about what they like in men. Then there's another percentage who are more visual, and really like handsome men. The former, probably enjoy male strip clubs as they are now, because they don't mind whatever the men there look like. Even if the men all look the same and overly muscled.

However, the percentage of people who are more visual, are probably turned off by that unappealing image. Hence, male strip clubs lose out on them as customers. Then the industry suffers, and then people claim that people just don't want to see male strippers.

My preference for longer hair on guys may seem picky- but hair is actually a universal "attraction" flare on people. Most everyone is attracted to hair. And besides not liking facial hair, I tried to be pretty liberal about everything else -- a lot more liberal than the inustry's male beauty standards are. Everything else was just a loose suggestion, such as the anti-body oil stuff. Give or take.

My suggestion for skinny guys to stay skinny, instead of trying to become muscular in order to be a stripper - As well as my suggestion that male strip clubs should hire skinny guys - was also meant to be liberating. They shouldn't stop hiring muscular guys as strippers. Because some people do like them. But they should also add skinny guys to the mix. Especially since steroids are bad for you... and a bunch of other stuff like that.