View Full Version : Independent help to kidnap / arrest my twin brother??

03-24-2016, 08:13 PM
Hey all,

I'm planning my brother's bachelor party for this upcoming august and when I asked him if he wanted his BP mild / wild / insane, he opted for insane. As this will probably be the biggest party weekend I ever have the privilege of planning, I want to go over-the-top and give him an X-rated arrival by having three ladies "arrest" him at the airport and provide a strip-show / lapdance performance on a party bus sight-seeing tour (sights being you) from the airport back to our hotel.

I've already solicited quotes from the limo company I want to work with as well as in-room dispatchers, but figured I'd take a stab at my #1 choice and solicit a quote from independent dancers directly. This would be a 2-3 hr gig depending on when you met up with me, ~15 min for airport abduction, 30min-1hr party bus stripping lap dance sexy time, unknown amt of time waiting for my bro's flight to get in at the airport. It would occur from roughly 10AM-1PM on Friday, Aug 19th for a total party of up to 16 dudes (though realistically it will be 10-14 that can synchronize our bachelor's flight arrival time). The job would obviously involve a fair amount of public exposure at the airport arrival terminal and that's really what I'd like to pay for: the prank/gag moreso than the sexy time experience (though sexy time experience is a must).

Not exactly sure how this works for soliciting work on sw, but I guess PM me or reply to this thread if interested? Our group will know you're working for tips and I'm really focused right now on seeing if I can find an independent group I can plan and negotiate with to iron out a flat rate price to reserve this booking. I'm super serial about this as should be evident by how early I'm trying to get this locked down. Looking forward to hearing / seeing pics of any ladies interested in this job!

03-30-2016, 06:27 AM
You'd be better off looking for Entertainment on yp.com (yellow pages), or backpage? Maybe some strip clubs do private bachelor parties, I knew of one that did, but it's been awhile.

shanna dior
03-30-2016, 02:42 PM
I can't imagine airport security would appreciate you faking a kidnapping. Might want to consider doing that outside the airport, at the very least.

04-02-2016, 02:37 PM
For starters, you do realize that you are on a board with sex workers from all over the U.S. and even the world, right? So it might help your cause if you specified which city you were looking to do this in. Just a thought.

But beyond that, I agree 100% with shanna that doing this in an airport terminal would be ill advised. As a frequent traveler, I can tell you that you do not want to screw around in an airport terminal or even in front of the airport nowadays. Most airports now have security personnel all over the place, including local police, all of whom are looking to pounce on anything out of the ordinary.

04-08-2016, 07:36 AM
good luck with TSA and the FBI.

05-02-2016, 12:51 AM
Thx for the feedback, snarky and all. Rick totally realized my error in location specifics (vegas) the morning after my post, thought I was posting in a Vegas section but then forgot about ever editing it. Opted for the $450 a pop dancer add-on (less tips) with the limo rez since I agree with whirlerz that those other outlets she mentioned would probably be my best bet for getting a more personalized party, which I didn't want to pursue due to overall sketchiness and the fact I'd prefer the entertainment have their sheriff's card.

If any dancer out there is self-motivated enough you should take advantage of this unrealized market for bachelor party airport booze cruises, I don't mean this one I just mean in general. Make a website and offer some outrageous Vegas arrival packages. By kidnapping I mean a handcuff, hood and bachelorette sash for the bachelor outside of the baggage terminal with a walk past the cab line. Obviously this skirts a lot of privacy boundaries but for those willing to make a market out of it you'd positively kill it as long as bachelor parties happen in vegas...