View Full Version : Do you work in the Arts/ Does this fund your creative work?!

04-20-2016, 05:08 AM
or Love or Money

Research call out:

I am looking for 18-34 year old artists, musicians, designers, models, media people, journalists, writers (anyone that works in the arts) who support their creative work through unusual means (ex. online trading or entrepreneurial work, web cams).

Specifically want to find out about people outside London.

Welcome big characters and interesting stories.

Please PM if you have a story, thoughts, and ideas or know anyone who could help me!

04-23-2016, 04:32 AM
there are lots of girls on this board who would meet the qualifications you are looking for...but you will need to provide more details on the project you are working on and proposed methods of compensation (if applicable). FYI, you will not find a lot of girls with quality stories to tell unless you are offering compensation of some sort for them and are willing to provide more information for the type of project you are working on (independent film, documentary, editorial, research project or study, blog, personal interest, etc) and how the information will be used and\or presented.